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Come join us to explore innovations in Maritime Charting, and get registered at the Esri Federal GIS Conference happening in Washington, DC.

We're meeting on Wednesday, February 12th at 02:45 pm EST to talk about the latest information about Maritime Charting, processing workflows, and most importantly network with colleagues across the industry!

See you all there!

On Monday February 24, 2020, several workshops will be offered at the CHC Hydrography 2020 conference. Please click on the link below to have more information.

For your convenience, workshops registration is integrated to the registration process. As the number of attendees are limited, we strongly suggest you to book your place at the same time as you register for the CHC 2020 conference workshops.

Session 1:

Esri Seminar: Hydrographic Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning using ArcGIS

Presented by Esri
Monday February 24, 2020,  from 9:00 to 12:00, Québec City Convention Centre

Please join Esri in an AI Deep Learning 3-hour instructor led Maritime seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in ArcGIS.  By attending this event you will learn to use and automate machine-based object detection using convolutional neural networks in ArcGIS to solve real-world problems.  How to use Deep Learning Marine Training Datasets with ArcGIS Pro, an overview of the ArcGIS Pro Deep Learning toolset, ArcGIS for Maritime Bathymetry, and the Object Detection Geoprocessing capabilities in ArcGIS Pro, and creation of AI Geoprocessing Services.


Session 2:


Esri Maritime Workshop: Visualization Using Web Services of Charting, Bathymetry, and Deep Learning Outputs 

Presented by Esri
Monday February 24, 2020, from 13:30 to 16:30, Québec City Convention Centre

Please Join Esri in Instructor led, 3-hour Maritime hands-on training. This training will cover working with AI and Deep Learning outputs with ArcGIS for Maritime Charting, ArcGIS Maritime Server, 3D visualization Services for Raster’s and Bathymetric Point Clouds via web services. This workshop is a bring your own device hands-on training. 

Hardware required


Dell Precision laptop 7500, 64-bit, 32 GB RAM, 1 terabyte hard drive, Intel i7 CPU at 2.7 GH, Microsoft Windows 10, and a NVIDIA M6000 QUADRO video card. 

With the release of the new World Magnetic Model 2020, ArcGIS for Maritime: Server user will need to download a compatible WMM.COF file from


The WMM.COF file is used to calculate the current compass rose values for magnetic variation (MAGVAR) point features when the compass rose display property is enabled.  If the WWM.COF file is outdated, it will not load into the system and the values from the MAGVAR point feature are used.



Once downloaded, copy the WMM.COF file to your <ArcGIS Server Installation Directory>\MaritimeServer\Server<version>\maritimechartservice\controlfiles folder.


Next, you must copy the WMM.COF file to each of your Maritime Chart Service deployments and restart the associated map service. 


All configuration files are under your controlFilesDirectory location, which is typically <Installation path>:\arcgisserver\directories\maritimeserver\maritimechartservice.


This location is in your controlFilesDirectory property of your map service; see Modifying Maritime Chart Service capabilities properties for additional information on setting this location.


For more information regarding this update, please email