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S-57 Data

Posted by MBharadwaj-esristaff Employee Sep 11, 2019

Need Nautical Chart Data in Your Map?


There are a wide variety of ways in which you can leverage nautical charting data in ArcGIS Desktop, where the best method depends upon your unique needs.


If you just need to bring S-57 data into the desktop for visualization, the Esri S-57 Viewer is a lightweight and easy to use option that provides basic viewing capabilities in ArcMap. A link to the free S-57 Viewer can be found here.


If your needs go beyond simply viewing S-57 datasets, and you need the data in a geodatabase for GIS analysis, editing, or other data manipulation, then you can leverage the capabilities in the ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting extension, where there are scriptable tools for both importing S-57 datasets into the geodatabase and also for rendering them with ECDIS-like symbology. S-57 to GIS is a python script tool available on GitHub that automates the process of ingesting S-57 into the geodatabase and symbolizing it with S-52.


Lastly, you can also consume S-57 as a service directly into the Desktop - ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro, through web-based solutions like NOAA ENC Online.


For more information about how you can leverage nautical chart data in ArcGIS Desktop for purposes beyond navigation, please contact us at



Posted by MBharadwaj-esristaff Employee Sep 11, 2019

The London International Shipping Week 2019 is well under way, with it's event guide available online.


The UKHO, as a part of this event, is implementing ArcGIS for Maritime Server OGC compliant web services and offering LIVE demos of the newly launched ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS)! 


For more information, visit the experts at The International Chamber of Shipping conference at the British Library or visit the UKHO's AVCS page, and catch the trending news on LinkedIn!