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Hydrographic offices all around the world face many challenges today.


One such challenge is the need to support the production of S-101 datasets.  S-101 datasets are the next generation of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) that will be the foundation of e-Navigation. 

Since 2010, Esri and NOAA, under the auspices of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the S-100 WG (formerly the TSMAD - Transfer Standard Maintenance and Application Development Working Group), have jointly funded the development of the S-57 to S-101 Converter.


The converter is a critical component, not only in the S-100 Test Bed project and its roadmap for the operational release of S-101, but also for hydrographic offices to quickly and easily convert all existing S-57 ENC datasets to S-101 compliant datasets.


The current version of the S-57 to S-101 Converter (0.8.27) can be downloaded here along with their supporting baseline of documents published in 2015. 

The next version of the S-57 to S-101 Converter will be baselined against S-101 Edition 1.0.0 and released to the public via the IHO.  Edition 1.0.0 of S-101 will help industry and hydrographic offices prepare for the necessary data management steps to support the conversion and production of S-101 datasets and the growing suite of S-100 based product specifications under development.


Existing ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting customers can import S-101 datasets converted with this version of the converter into ArcGIS Pro 2.2.  Once in the geodatabase you will be able to view and edit those datasets, including the creation of new S-101 features and attributes not in S-57 and export them back to S-101.


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