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From Hydro International to Sea Technology, our Maritime Team is making 'waves' across the globe!


An article by Peter Due, the Director of Autonomy at Kongsberg Maritime, talks about autonomous shipping, unmanned ships, or as he likes calling them, "Smart"-ships! The future of Maritime is bright and not so far away!


Esri Maritime Team's very own Rafael Ponce talks about the impact of Maritime in the current era of a new industrial revolution.

As our Global Maritime Consultant he brings in a solid perspective on what is clearly a significant interplay between human beings and the planet's oceans. Building technology is important but so is a deep consciousness that its effects will sustain a future for generations to come. A must-read!


Commander Avi Dror, a hydrographer at the Israeli Navy, where he serves as head of the Hydrographic Branch, writes about the Israeli Navy Hydrographic Branch (INHB) working closely with the Esri Maritime Team, conducting important training and implementing challenging tasks related to data collection, production, georeferencing, mapping, charting, and creating display maps and database management.