Announcing Esri Geoportal Server Catalog v2.6.4

Blog Post created by jsaligoe-esristaff Employee on Aug 26, 2020

Have you been waiting to upgrade to the next generation Esri Geoportal Server? The recent release of Esri Geoportal Server Catalog v2.6.4 streamlines the creation and management of standards-compliant Metadata, including INSPIRE Metadata v2 (released with ArcGIS for INSPIRE 10.8.1). Geoportal Server Catalog is Esri's open-source next-generation search application and metadata catalog based on elasticsearch and enabled for INSPIRE. Geoportal Server Catalog includes a revised Metadata Editor that makes it super easy to create, edit, and serve INSPIRE Metadata that "pass" the official INSPIRE Reference Validator.


Geoportal Catalog Features:

  • Metadata editor - Create and edit metadata in ArcGIS Metadata, FGDC, ISO 19115 (Data), ISO 19119 (Service), ISO 19115-2 (Imagery and Gridded Data), INSPIRE 2.0.1 (Data), INSPIRE 2.0.1 (Service), GEMINI (Data), GEMINI (Service)
  • Faceted Search - Configure different facets to allow your user to filter from the haystack to the needle
  • Scalability - Thank you elasticsearch for providing multi-node configuration support
  • OGC CSW 3.0.0 and CSW 2.0.2 - Standards compliant catalog service interface, includes CSW2 requirements for INSPIRE Discovery Service
  • Many metadata formats - Extend the configuration with your favorite XML format
  • Built-in Viewer - Use the app we include or build one using Web AppBuilder and hook it up!
  • No more database - Yes, that's a feature!


Esri Geoportal Server v2 now provides the catalog and harvesting capabilities as separate modules. Separate modules are useful when users need catalog capabilities without needing metadata harvesting.


View this tutorial to learn how to easily create INSPIRE Metadata using Esri Geoportal Server's Metadata Editor.