Blog Post created by jsaligoe-esristaff Employee on Dec 20, 2019

INSPIRE is exploring new simplified approaches to make INSPIRE data easier to consume and use, including the use of GeoJSON for alternative encodings. We think it's the right direction, and are therefore excited about the latest release of the ArcGIS API. In her recent article, "Build Web Apps That Use All Kinds of Data," technical product manager Julie Powell shares how the latest release of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript has evolved. It now provides a GeoJSON layer to support GeoJSON data sources fully. The GeoJSON layer is a first-class citizen in the 4.x API; so just as you can style it, perform client-side queries, filter, and calculate statistics, etc. – you can now enable clustering in the same way that you would with a feature layer. Learn more about the GeoJSON, CSV, and OGC services support in her article.


There are a ton of other exciting enhancements and features - read more about What's New in ArcGIS API for JavaScript (December 2019).


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