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I have my services directory disabled on my server (10.4) and am unable to sync edits using ArcGIS for AutoCad 355 (AutoCAD Map 2016). If I enable the services directory I can sync edits. Is this a known issue/limitation with ArcGIS for AutoCAD?
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I am new to the forum just uploaded the ArcGIS for AutoCAD yesterday. My system OS is running Windows 10 Pro with 2017 AutoCAD Civil 3D version. The ArcGIS plugin is "ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365 pack.

The ArcGIS is easy to load and seems operational. What I have been trying to do to test the capabilities is load more background to an active project. However when I go into our surveyed site CAD file and manage the coordinate systems/datum the items added to the drawing are no where near where the physical project is location wise. I do not get it I set all the datum's, horizontal control and even vertical units but nada.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Hi,   I'm an intermediate GIS user, but have not yet had the chance to integrate CAD with ArcGIS. Today, I am trying to view a Cad drawing (dwg) format in ArcMap. When I bring the file into arcmap, I can't see anything. However, the dwg file looks fine when I open it in a dwg reader.   Here's what I've tried: - Adding the CAD file like I would… (Show more)
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I am trying to add AutoCAD 15 file to ArcGIS 10.5. the problem is that it took long time to open the CAD file since all the CAD features (Cross and point layers) appear in the add file windows instead of only the (annotation, point, polyline and polygon). Any idea to strict the layers to be shown in the add window to only annotation, point,… (Show more)
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ArcGIS crashes when opening multiple cad dwg files. How do we fix it?   To recreate this issue. Open up another dwg file within ArcGIS for AutoCAD resulting in 2 dwg files in AutoCAD. Switch between each dwg by clicking on the tab identifying each drawing. Then it will crash. See attached photo of the error.   As a work around I am trying to… (Show more)
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How would I use labels from a line FC coming from a WFS service?  in ArcGIS Desktop one would hide the line and use labelling to display the “text” field and hence see all the Annotation.  What workflow would one use in ArcGIS for Autocad?  Is it possible?
Hi Geonet,   I am currently working in a very CAD centric environment and we exploring how we integrate GIS with AutoCAD.   We are currently using AutoCAD for ninety percent of the work that we do but as we get more in to the GIS we are realizing that we need to come up with a good work flow for managing data and integrating GIS and AutoCAD.  … (Show more)
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Hello All, I am new to ArcGIS for AutoCAD and very unfamiliar with it at this point. We have been using AutoCAD Geomaps and capturing view ports for our maps, however due to the new Bing update they are not up to par anymore. My problem right now is when I have a view laid out in paper space and the map is showing it will randomly disappear. I cannot get very close to imagery in model space (to trace lines or measure road widths) without the background map disappearing as well. Any help would be appreciated.
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