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I’m at a loss attempting to discern the functionality of ArcGIS for AutoCAD R365. One of the strengths of AutoCAD is the ability to create or “screen-digitize” features from aerial imagery. I have replicated a number of pad sites and constructed a feature class table to capture information necessary to identify individual pads.

Unfortunately there is not a process to export this feature class into ArcGIS with the tabular data accompanying the vector data. Additionally, the functionality of selecting a pad and having it identified by opening the table, in ArcGIS for AutoCAD, fails to work. I cannot move about the Drawing File selecting pads and adding them to a selection set that interacts with any records in the table. Nor can I move about the Drawing File with the table window open, as I can in ArcGIS.

My experience with this software has been less than stellar. And the kind, ESRI folks have not seen fit to answer my request for Tech Support for the second day running. I’m bewildered at the lack of this program’s core functionality. How it fails to mimic or replicate the basic functions prevalent in an ArcGIS project is difficult to fathom.

I would welcome any enlightened suggestions to remedy this situation.   

Hi, I have previously used ArcGIS for AutoCAD with no issues and found it very useful. I now have Portal and have federated my server. This means that ArcGIS for AutoCAD can no longer access the services as the generateToken call made by the application does not hit the server location. Instead it needs to trace through to the portal token… (Show more)
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I have a AutoCAD drawing, containing AutoCAD blocks with different definition. each block contains attribute tags. When I directly add AutoCAD drawing in ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 or ArcGIS Pro 1.3, it creates separate feature class for each block on the fly in Add data dialog box or catalog window.   as shown in following snapshot all the blocks are… (Show more)
Using the ArcGIS for AutoCAD tool:   ArcGIS is interpreting a negative area (wrong ring ordering) when I synchronize a shape I have made from AutoCAD using BPOLY. I make a hard angled polygon in AutoCAD (meaning no smooth arcs). Then, I create a circle at one of the corners. After expanding the circle, I use the BPOLY command in AutoCAD to get a… (Show more)
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I am new to the forum just uploaded the ArcGIS for AutoCAD yesterday. My system OS is running Windows 10 Pro with 2017 AutoCAD Civil 3D version. The ArcGIS plugin is "ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365 pack.

The ArcGIS is easy to load and seems operational. What I have been trying to do to test the capabilities is load more background to an active project. However when I go into our surveyed site CAD file and manage the coordinate systems/datum the items added to the drawing are no where near where the physical project is location wise. I do not get it I set all the datum's, horizontal control and even vertical units but nada.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

In ArcMAP 10.5 how to switch units from metric to Imperial? I have contours which are in metric and client wants it in imperial and export to AutoCAD
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I have my services directory disabled on my server (10.4) and am unable to sync edits using ArcGIS for AutoCad 355 (AutoCAD Map 2016). If I enable the services directory I can sync edits. Is this a known issue/limitation with ArcGIS for AutoCAD?
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Hi,   I'm an intermediate GIS user, but have not yet had the chance to integrate CAD with ArcGIS. Today, I am trying to view a Cad drawing (dwg) format in ArcMap. When I bring the file into arcmap, I can't see anything. However, the dwg file looks fine when I open it in a dwg reader.   Here's what I've tried: - Adding the CAD file like I would… (Show more)
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