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I have a contour shapefile that was originally created in WGS84 ESPG: 4326/meter. I used the Project tool to convert to a NAD 83 XY and a NAVD88 (us ft) in hopes that it would display in CAD in feet. How do I get a shapefile to properly convert to feet?
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
I am trying to export a very large shapefile to CAD. The shapefile itself is almost 500mb and everytime I try to export, ArcMAP crashes. I only need a portion of the shapefile. Is there a way to select or only zoom in to only export what is on the screen? 
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
Could the ESRI_BONUS_FOREACHFEATURE tool be used to update pieces of text if they belong to a local feature class? I'm wondering if it's possible to add a prefix 'for each' text entity I select. I have no experience writing in AutoLISP, but it seems like the tool could potentially run a function that would add the prefix. edit text lisp
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
I'm running into problems loading complex feature services.  Tile services seem to be working fine, and I've successfully loaded features that are simple, i.e. not many vertices roughly 40k vertices.  I run into problems when the features get a bit more complex, particularly high number of vertices.  I had failed to load a published dissolved… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
We currently have multiple installations of ArcGIS for AutoCAD build 350 that we have set up to pull in services from our secure internal ArcGIS Server (10.2.2 with AD Authentication on the web tier). We haven't run into an issue until the last install where the user is unable to connect to the AGS. We've verified his credentials and tested his… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
I have just installed ArcGIS for AutoCAD 370 for Civil 3d 2017. Adding layer and features from ArcGIS online works, but I Can not add features from my Enterprise service except for PNG's. Can anyone help me with this issue? This is the Error message I keep getting: Errors encountered extracting features   Thanks
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
Is it possible to import a point cloud from an .fls file?
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
When adding a water utility feature service in ArcGIS for Autocad I receive an error that looks like this: Then if I try again it gives me: Has anyone seen this before?  And what can I do to get this to link up properly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Vicki
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
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