Deprecation notice – Refine list of supported 3D model types

Blog Post created by JDu-esristaff Employee on Mar 19, 2020

What is changing?

In the releases after ArcGIS Earth desktop V1.10, users will not be able to import 3D models in the format of .DXF, .X, .PLY, . STL, and .IFC.

Why is ArcGIS Earth team making this change?

Currently ArcGIS Earth relies on Runtime SDK for .Net, which uses the complete assimp library to support 40+ 3D file formats for use as model marker symbols for point features and graphics.

The assimp library is one of the largest third party libraries referenced by Runtime today and has a notable impact on the size of the Runtime binary on every platform. The purpose of this deprecation is to reduce the number of supported formats to reduce binary size and refine testing to a more reasonable, common set of model types.

Additional formats will be evaluated on user requests.


Feel free to email jdu@esri.com if you have any concerns.