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Similarly to an issue I see below, we don't have basemaps available. Some of this will be known, but is documented for completeness In both ArcGIS Earths (1.6.1 and 1.8) services from cannot be loaded, probably because of proxy issues. In ArcGIS Earth 1.6.1 these basemaps are simply not shown In ArcGIS Earth… (Show more)
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Hi, I just tested Earth (1.7) with Point Cloud Scene Layer, service from Portal Server and local file: it wont work. Is there a plan to support i3s sevices / slpk files for PointClouds an 3d meshes?   The mesurement tools do only work  2d, draped to Terrain. Will there be 3d-Measurment tools implemented e.g. to measure height of 3d objects or… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Earth
Is ArcGis Earth 1.8 still free? I'm not logged in and none of the base maps are available. Do you have to be logged in to access the maps? Does being logged in imply you need a paid account?
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Is there a way to label polygons or if necessary  points 
in ArcGIS Earth
I have been loading a DEM (.img file). It displays alright but when changing vertical exaggeration nothing happens. Is there anything else to do to make vertical exaggeration work?   Thanks, Axel
in ArcGIS Earth
In ArcGIS Earth 1.8, i would like to use a 3d vector line as the input for the animation of the "line of sight" analysis. At the moment it seems that only locally digitized lines can be the input for the tool. Will this be possible in the future? In addition, when opening a 3D KML file there are no options to define the altitude mode (absolute,… (Show more)
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Upon install I keep getting error message 1606 "Could not access network location Earth" I am not sure what this means.
in ArcGIS Earth
Georeferenced images on my AGOL account will load in ArcGIS Earth, but will not display. What is the fix?
in ArcGIS Earth
In September or October of this year someone had posted about the availability of new map layers that were "in beta." I had looked at that further and found it to be useful. I thought I had recorded the method to view this information but I cannot find it in my files.    Does anyone have information regarding where these can be found?   Thanks,… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Earth
Why is ArcGIS Earth forcing itself to be the default KML & KMZ document software, when I have explicitly asked Windows to open such files with different software?   After installing ArcGIS Earth (v1.6.1), it unexpectedly took over all files with kml and .kmz extensions on my Windows 10 machine, making itself the default software/editor associated… (Show more)
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