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Hi, I installed ArcGis Earth and ran it once fine but when I was going to run it for second time I got a error. I uninstalled it, erased the files in C:\Users\unser\AppData\Roaming\ESRI\ArcGISEarth and installed it again but it didn't work.   This is the error window that shows.   Thank you for your help.
in ArcGIS Earth
I just solved my own issue I was having with my terrain services not working in ArcGIS Earth... I just wanted to share... regardless of feeling like a newbie.

1. I reinstalled once or twice hoping for a lazy/quick win... nothing
2. I repaired as well... still nothing
3. I opened up the config file from the bin folder and began configuring in notepad++
     -plenty of control within that file... but still nothing... my terrain issue persisted
4. Finally, I went into to ArcGIS Earth's settings and found the path to the workspace directory
     In that workspace directory were some strange elevation JSON files
     I'll admit, I forget what I was doing with those months ago, but upon removing the files (and that folder completely), terrain service was restored!

Thanks for letting me vent.  I hope this was helpful.
Will ARCGIS earth ever support .nmf files?
in ArcGIS Earth
Hi,   I am using ArcGIS Earth 1.6.1. I have a big tree structure in the layer list, with more than 3 levels of nodes, with sometimes more than 40 children at level 2, and when I try to collapse all using the contextual menu on a level 1 node, and then reopen the node, only a few children did actually collapse. On the other hand the expand all… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Earth
Will Esri release VR support for ArcGIS Earth?  Will it be native to Windows Mixed Reality?   I used Google Earth VR with a Samsung HMD Odyssey and it's INCREDIBLE!!! It is absolutely amazing. Also so is the StreetView interface. Just amazing.     While CityEngine and 360 look neat I haven't been able to get them. I'm awaiting an invite on 360.… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Earth
Will Earth support Layer Packages (*.lpk)? Support the rendering of feature labels?   We use Explorer Desktop in production as we handle sensitive data that web portals are not appropriate for use.  It is kind of bad form that Explorer Desktop was retired and Earth's functionality makes it only slightly better than toy software.   Is there a… (Show more)
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Just wanted to share a few functionalities that I enjoyed in Google Earth that doesn't seem available yet in ArcGIS Earth (Version 1.5 Build 1704). Thanks for your consideration!1. ability to edit a draw feature (point, line, polygon) from the map vice the TOC2. location units: degrees decimal minutes3. ability to copy, cut, and paste individual… (Show more)
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The section below list known issues of ArcGIS Earth V1.6.1 (Build number: 1808).   1. Measure The measurement is wrong when drawing polygon and circle across the 180°W/E longitude line. 2. KML layers When export drawing point to KMZ, the text label sizes may not exactly as sized in Earth when drawn, and the label will conflict with drawings.… (Show more)
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I installed the latest  version 1.4 of ArcGis Earth on windows 10 x64 but the application always crushes on initializing screen at the beginning... I uninstalled and reinstall but same error occurs. Any idea?    
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