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Georeferenced images on my AGOL account will load in ArcGIS Earth, but will not display. What is the fix?
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In September or October of this year someone had posted about the availability of new map layers that were "in beta." I had looked at that further and found it to be useful. I thought I had recorded the method to view this information but I cannot find it in my files.    Does anyone have information regarding where these can be found?   Thanks,… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Earth
Why is ArcGIS Earth forcing itself to be the default KML & KMZ document software, when I have explicitly asked Windows to open such files with different software?   After installing ArcGIS Earth (v1.6.1), it unexpectedly took over all files with kml and .kmz extensions on my Windows 10 machine, making itself the default software/editor associated… (Show more)
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Since I installed ArcGIS Earth 1.8 I cannot view any textured slpk files. Going back to 1.6.1 solved my problem.
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Click to view contentIn today’s world, city planners, engineers, and law enforcement need to quickly understand and visualize their environment to gain insight. The ArcGIS Earth V1.8 release is jammed packed with new capabilities. Interactive analysis tools in this release make visibility assessment easy — enabling you to make informed decisions without waiting for… (Show more)
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Click to view contentjust tried 1.81 over an area & it seems the profile tool is ignoring the settings units (meters) & reporting data in feet.   this area's elevation ranges from 473m to 598m, avg 530m, really looks like the tool is using feet.
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On July 25, 2018, we were notified that there is a bug in ArcGIS Earth 1.7.  ArcGIS Earth version 1.7 has been removed from the homepage for this product.   Bug: ArcGIS Earth 1.7 incorrectly truncates location values when displaying data from TXT and CSV files    The "Workaround" states - "The ArcGIS Earth development team is currently working… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Earth
I have created several slpk files in Drone2Map and I could view these in ArcGIS Earth 1.6, until the latest release of ArcGIS Earth that was based on the new quartz runtime engine. With version 1.7, I could view some slpks and others not.   So today I tested 14 slpk files of various sizes (26 MB through to 1.1 GB).   I am able to view all of… (Show more)
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Is ArcGis Earth 1.8 still free? I'm not logged in and none of the base maps are available. Do you have to be logged in to access the maps? Does being logged in imply you need a paid account?
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Hi there, I'm wondering if it's possible to view elevation profile in ArcGIS Earth similar to what you can do in Google Earth? is that function already there or in pipeline? thank you.
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