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With the release of ArcGIS Earth 1.6, we are happy to announce that ArcGIS Earth Automation API is now available. See more from ArcGIS for Developers or the ArcGIS Earth homepage.   We heard many voices of support for an ArcGIS Earth API after the first release of ArcGIS Earth less than 2 years ago. Many of you wanted the ability to control and… (Show more)
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Have a secured KML network link service using basic auth for credentials and when adding via "Enter a URL", "KML File", I get a pop up stating "Error code '461': 'Require HTTP secured authentication (Digest, Basic, or integrated)' and then ... nothing.

Does ArcGIS Earth not handle secured KML/KMZ services?
I installed the latest  version 1.4 of ArcGis Earth on windows 10 x64 but the application always crushes on initializing screen at the beginning... I uninstalled and reinstall but same error occurs. Any idea?    
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Can ArcGIS Earth be configured for SDE connections (MS SQLServer)? 
Just wanted to share a few functionalities that I enjoyed in Google Earth that doesn't seem available yet in ArcGIS Earth (Version 1.5 Build 1704). Thanks for your consideration!1. ability to edit a draw feature (point, line, polygon) from the map vice the TOC2. location units: degrees decimal minutes3. ability to copy, cut, and paste individual… (Show more)
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I'm not able to view a CSV file adding an URL And the error message it's a bit strange: "Unable to find specified file". But link is correct, you can test at this link: test.csv And if you add the same file to client desktop it works! Also in help page (Data support—ArcGIS Earth | ArcGIS ) there is no special setting for CSV/TXT file.… (Show more)
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In certain circumstances, some ArcGIS Earth 1.6 users are unable to view KML content after checking on its visibility in the Table of Contents (TOC).     A fix for this issue is included in ArcGIS Earth 1.6.1.  Users can download and install the latest release of ArcGIS Earth here - to view all content… (Show more)
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Does ArcGIS Earth support 3D measurement (e.g. measuring building height in a loaded scene layer from ArcGIS Online)? I am using version 1.6 and found the current measurement tool only works in 2D. Or maybe there is something I missed. Thanks.
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Hi - I just installed ArcGIS Earth 1.5 and an issue I always had is unfortunately still there:ArcGIS Earth will only run on the on-board Intel HD graphics card - not on the AMD FirePro M4100 FireGL VA shame - since the FireGL would have much more graphics power.I wonder: Has anyone ever found a solution for that? Others have reported similar… (Show more)
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Hi,   I've looked through the little help documentation on ArcGIS Earth I was able to find online, and I'm not seeing how to resolve this error in there.  I'm connecting to ArcGIS Earth through our Portal site (which is version 10.5.1), rather than through ArcGIS Online.   I've noticed when I go to add a basemap or terrain within the ArcGIS Earth… (Show more)
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