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If creating a point, then attaching an image (file) via the 'Properties' popup, and then exporting that file the following happens: a) The output kmz does not include that image in the 'files' subfolder (after changing .kmz to .zip to inspect contents) and the size of the kmz reflects that (i.e. a few KB versus say, a couple of MB if including a… (Show more)
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I have just installed ArcGIS Earth 1.7beta and received the following error on startup   Esri.ArcGISRuntime.ArcGISDirectXException: DirectX failure D3D11CreateDevice code = 0x80070057. DirectX device creation failed   I have ran the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and found I am running DirectX 11 with all features enabled. Any ideas what could be… (Show more)
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I've been creating map notes such as lines, place marks, polygons etc in ArcGIS Earth and I would like to save this work into either ArcGIS Pro or Online.  I know you can download into Earth, but I have not seen where you can save Earth data into Pro or Online.  thanks,
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I have a shapefile and I have opened in in ArcGIS Earth. Can you please help me out regarding how to view the attribute table of shapefile in Arcgis Earth??????     I would really be thankful to you for this help. Thanks and Regards   AKHIL CHHIBBER URBAN PLANNER
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I just installed the 1.7 version of ArcGIS Earth on two machines. On one, all of the standard ESRI basemaps have a warning icon and are unavailable. Same with Terrain3D. On the other machine, everything is fine. Stuff from my AGOL content and a non-ESRI basemap work fine. Any ideas? 
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ArcGIS Earth is pretty awesome.  Out of the gate it reads projected shapefiles (in addition of KML and KMZ), measuring distance and area is A LOT easier, and you can switch basemaps.  Then for those that use it, you can add your ArcGIS Online map services to ArcGIS Earth!  This is great!   However, if you're going to call something version 1, you… (Show more)
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This is in reference to an experimental work which we have conducted for evaluating the positional difference between two vehicles, data being collected using Video VBox. We have the latitude/longitude and therefore, the corresponding Northing/Easting values of both the vehicles at the same time instant. For the purpose of my work, I want to know… (Show more)
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Do you have the plan to support the OGC 3D Portrayal Service?
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ArcGIS Earth 1.7 Beta is now available. ArcGIS Earth is an experience for browsing a variety of spatial data for non-GIS specialists. While online, ArcGIS Earth connects directly to the ArcGIS platform allowing users to leverage the Web GIS pattern, securely accessing ArcGIS Online and or ArcGIS Enterprise. In offline or totally disconnected mode,… (Show more)
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