• Is there a fix for ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 crashing during editing? 

    Last week I upgraded from 10.3. to 10.6.1 and since then have experienced continual crashes while trying to edit a file geodatabase feature class using ArcGIS Desktop. The cashes occur at seeming random times and were...
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  • Sudden Slow Editing of Enterprise GDB Feature Class in ArcMap 10.7

    I have a large feature class stored in a versioned enterprise geodatabase (v 10.7 in SQL Server 2017, features stored as GEOMETRY). I have been working on these data for a few months with no problems. The data are bui...
    created by jrhoward
  • problems installing service pack 5

    Hoping someone else has some advice for me.  I'm having trouble getting Service Patch 5 installed for ArcGIS for Desktop, 10.7.   After downloading, I get the following error: I've checked ArcGI...
  • ArcMap 10.7 is performing processing tools but map display is stuck

    Hello, I recently acquired a new computer for the purpose of working more efficiently with ArcGIS (I have version 10.7). The computer has an i7 core and 8 GB of RAM (I am not very tech savvy so I don't what other det...
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  • query in map application popups not responding

    when I run the query widget in my map application the popups don't always respond, or the popups don't point to the correct feature. In both cases I have to zoom the map to activate them or get t...
    created by jnolan_MayoCoCo
  • ArcMap stopped working in September and I can't get it to function again!

    I have had ArcGIS on my computer since October 2018. I am a Masters student in Israel and the software is under the university license. 2 months ago- September 2019, the program just stopped responding, though the li...
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  • Why is the draw time exceedingly slow when working with an XY dataset?

    I am working with an XY .txt file of a table of 96 points (originally collected in GCS_WGS_1984).  They include lat/long columns, as well as several other data columns of various metadata for each point/row. ...
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  • Loading mxd files with network and service area analysis extremely slow

    I have some files that are not overly large but with a significant number of facilities and service areas defined. These files can take more than an hour to load. Does ArcMap reload facilities and recalculate service ...
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  • Visualização de Layer Desaparece com Zoom em Basemap

    Instalei o ArcGIS 10.7.1 (ArcMap) com uma licença de estudante. Acontece que tenho um mapa com alguns layers sobre um basemap (Imagery) e esses layers desaparecem quando aumento a escala do ma...
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  • Web Adaptor on internal ArcGIS Server machine

    We would like to know if our main federated hosting ArcGIS Server (that is installed behind our firewall) can/should have a web adapter installed on it or if it should be in the DMZ?  We only need to access our R...
    created by westerville76
  • ArcMap 10.5.1 Properties slow

    Hi, clicking on  "Properties" results in a wait time of 10 Seconds. ArcMap 10.5.1. Set up new MXD, no big files just aerial photos and shome shapes. 
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  • Laptop, Docking Station, Dual Monitor Setup Recommendations

    Hi all,   I am looking to purchase a laptop to use with a docking station and dual monitors at home. I want a laptop rather than a desktop to allow for work while I travel. Do you have any product recommendation...
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  • ArcDesktop 10.5.1 editor just started running slow

    Slow running editors have been an ongoing topic but from the conversations I am unclear whether the remedies suggested apply. I am using Win 10 Pro, Version 1809; ArcMap under MacBootcamp and this has been...
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  • Slow Editing in ArcMap 10.6

    Anyone else having issues with editing in ArcMap 10.6?  Currently, my shop uses ArcMap 10.5.1 and I imported our existing template into 10.6.  Scrolling around works at a comparable speed but once I start an...
  • I am looking to get a Desktop computer for my company GIS. What would be a great model?

    Not a laptop please!
    created by donaldson@2Dot
  • Identify Route Location default settings

    I'm running ArcGIS 10.3.1 and putting together a simple map document to enable a colleague to view a diverse range of layers. Several of these have routing information. When I fire up the Identify Route Location tool ...
    created by jpyn8850
  • Enterprise Geodatabase vs File Geodatabase vs Data Store ... when to use what?

    Is there any documentation covering the pros and cons of using the above as a data source or rules of thumb when what source provides the best performance (and as a bonus factoring in 'cost' of maintaining data)? ...
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  • How copy map service from one ArcGIS server Machine to another ArcGIS server Machine

    Please I would like to know if there is a new and easier way to achieve the transfer of map services from one ArcGIS server machine to another ArcGIS server machine. I have over 400 map services to transfer. Some two...
    created by EgbuleI
  • 'Unable to instantiate class for xml schema type: esriTS'

    when trying to use Renderer with TextSymbol for  dynamic layer from Mapserver following error is seen in the logs of Arcgis Server  'Unable to instantiate class for xml schema type: esriTS' can somebod...
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  • NVIDIA Quatro P1000 optimization settings for ArcGIS 10.3 Desktop. 

    Not sure if this is right spot to post, but I'm USAF Pentagon... Running ArcGIS 10.3 on gov't desktop.  NVIDIA Quatro P1000 video card (driver 412.16), but I don't see it being used (GPU) @ ArcMap/Catalog/etc.&#...
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