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I have some files that are not overly large but with a significant number of facilities and service areas defined. These files can take more than an hour to load. Does ArcMap reload facilities and recalculate service areas when you open the file? I would have assumed that once you solved for service areas that ArcMap would save those service areas… (Show more)
Instalei o ArcGIS 10.7.1 (ArcMap) com uma licença de estudante. Acontece que tenho um mapa com alguns layers sobre um basemap (Imagery) e esses layers desaparecem quando aumento a escala do mapa. Por exemplo: O mapa está na escala 1:3.400 e os layers estão visiveis. Quando aumento a escala do mapa para 1:3.300 os layers não aparecem mais e só é… (Show more)
We would like to know if our main federated hosting ArcGIS Server (that is installed behind our firewall) can/should have a web adapter installed on it or if it should be in the DMZ?  We only need to access our REST endpoints of our hosting server from inside our network, so installing the web adapter for that server in the DMZ seems unnecessary.… (Show more)
Hi, clicking on  "Properties" results in a wait time of 10 Seconds. ArcMap 10.5.1. Set up new MXD, no big files just aerial photos and shome shapes. 
Hi all,   I am looking to purchase a laptop to use with a docking station and dual monitors at home. I want a laptop rather than a desktop to allow for work while I travel. Do you have any product recommendations or specific setups that you like? I have a good idea of what specifications are needed, but I wanted to hear from people who have… (Show more)
Slow running editors have been an ongoing topic but from the conversations I am unclear whether the remedies suggested apply. I am using Win 10 Pro, Version 1809; ArcMap under MacBootcamp and this has been troublefree since the begining of this year. Yesterday during a map edit session the  "finish sketch" option slowed and sometimes… (Show more)
Last week I upgraded from 10.3. to 10.6.1 and since then have experienced continual crashes while trying to edit a file geodatabase feature class using ArcGIS Desktop. The cashes occur at seeming random times and were varying in frequency from one every 25 minutes to one every 30 seconds. Today it escalated to one every 10 seconds. My editing… (Show more)
Anyone else having issues with editing in ArcMap 10.6?  Currently, my shop uses ArcMap 10.5.1 and I imported our existing template into 10.6.  Scrolling around works at a comparable speed but once I start and edit session, everything slows down.  Snapping is slow.  Mouse clicks response are slow.  Everything is slow.   In 10.5.1, we use the… (Show more)
Our organization recently implemented an asset management system for our utility departments.  The software is a decent product if an organization doesn't have an existing GIS.  We are already invested heavily into ESRI.  Needless to say the AMS software does not function well with our current GIS procedures.  I was recently told not to make… (Show more)
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