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Hi I've got 2 fresh ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 installations on two nearly identical computers. One PC is running a vanilla installation of Windows 10, and the second machine is running a corporate image of Windows 10 (including corporate security policies etc etc). The spec of the corporate machine is slightly better than the vanilla machine (better… (Show more)
Last week I upgraded from 10.3. to 10.6.1 and since then have experienced continual crashes while trying to edit a file geodatabase feature class using ArcGIS Desktop. The cashes occur at seeming random times and were varying in frequency from one every 25 minutes to one every 30 seconds. Today it escalated to one every 10 seconds. My editing… (Show more)
I have a large feature class stored in a versioned enterprise geodatabase (v 10.7 in SQL Server 2017, features stored as GEOMETRY). I have been working on these data for a few months with no problems. The data are building outlines, so lots of discrete polygons. Presently there are nearly 1.6 million records in the database. Until a couple of days… (Show more)
Click to view contentHoping someone else has some advice for me.  I'm having trouble getting Service Patch 5 installed for ArcGIS for Desktop, 10.7.   After downloading, I get the following error: I've checked ArcGIS Administrator, and this is what it shows, so I'm not sure what the problem is:    Thanks! KW
Hello, I recently acquired a new computer for the purpose of working more efficiently with ArcGIS (I have version 10.7). The computer has an i7 core and 8 GB of RAM (I am not very tech savvy so I don't what other details to point out atm). I am working with shapefiles only and have removed basemaps. When I use geo-processing tools everything… (Show more)
when I run the query widget in my map application the popups don't always respond, or the popups don't point to the correct feature. In both cases I have to zoom the map to activate them or get them pointing to the correct feature. is this a common experience or is it a feature when the query widget returns large result.
I have had ArcGIS on my computer since October 2018. I am a Masters student in Israel and the software is under the university license. 2 months ago- September 2019, the program just stopped responding, though the license is still up to date. In order to get technical support from ESRI Israel, the IT guy at the univeristy needs to put in a… (Show more)
I am working with an XY .txt file of a table of 96 points (originally collected in GCS_WGS_1984).  They include lat/long columns, as well as several other data columns of various metadata for each point/row.  It was added to my blank map (Map is WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_10N) via "add XY data".  While it successfully showed up on the map at the expected… (Show more)