• Google Play security warning

    I received the following message today from Google Play.  I assume that the file to which they refer is part of the template.  I know you are making updates, so perhaps this is already included.   Hell...
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  • Push notifications in AppStudio?

    Hi, I'm a complete amateur in app development. I have created my first app in AppStudio using the map viewer template. I would just like to know if it is possible to configure push notifications in the app using AppSt...
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  • "Survey123 field app" to load a predetermined survey on startup

    I’d like to replicate the "Survey123 field app" to load a predetermined survey on startup. Similar to how the Quick Report template works.   e.g. On startup I want it to look like a standalone application f...
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  • AppStudio and Portal?

    Does AppStudio for ArcGIS integrate well with the Portal for ArcGIS server extension?
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  • iOS Certificate Error in AppStudio Cloud Make

    We are trying to do an iOS cloud make for our Appstudio app (version 3.1.134) and after queuing the build we get this error: Cannot read iOS identity from iOS certificate. Check the iOS certificate has not expired a...
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  • How to control security on offline layers?

    Hi all.   Am looking for some direction on how to control secure login on offline layers - how would or does this work?   E.g. We have a secured service, user logs in whilst online, the app generates a loc...
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  • Is there no longer any ESRI GIS App building that you can do without an ArcGIS online subscription?

    Want to replace existing web apps (data driven, mapping is secondary) from ArcIMS and non-GIS however all of ESRI app builders require a subscription to ArcGIS online. Is there no way to build GIS apps to run from our...
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  • Offline App with AppStudio

    I'm trying to make the app made with AppStudio online work but offline not working. What I've done till now: (for map) 1. Specified the parameters 2. Generated a geodatabase(gdb) (for app) 1. Downloaded the applicati...
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  • What are the key differences (if any) between building apps using AppStudio versus the Qt Runtime SDK

    So AppStudio is now officially out and most of us know that it leverages Esri's Qt SDK. What are the key difference that one should be aware of when trying to decide whether or build apps using AppStudio or to just do...
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  • multiple map tours for app in appstudio

    How exactly do I type the string to query multiple map tours for my app?
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  • Hiding fields in Quick Report template

    Working on a public facing quick report app and I have a hosted feature layer and I have created a hosted feature layer view that is configured to only show a select number of fields from the base hosted feature layer...
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  • Custom pop-ups in AppStudio

    I'm working on an app based on the MapViewer template. The app is based off of a web map where we created a custom pop-up to display attribute information. This does not appear to carry into the app. Instead, the whol...
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  • Microsoft Pen Support in AppStudio 4

    Hello,   I have interested in using the Microsoft Surface Pen on Surface devices for drawing, which I have built into a QML application. I recently installed the new version of AppStudio Player and the pen does ...
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  • How to utilize multiple layers in a quick report feature service

    I've explored the Wildfire feature service that is included with the Quick Report template and I'm trying to understand how to create my own feature service for citizen service requests.  The template out of the ...
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  • Geofence app pushup possibilities

    Hi, before I start the whole thing up, I would like to now if this could be done with AppStudio. Would it be possible to get an push notification (Let the app ask you something), when enter an area. I was thinking may...
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  • error getting active builds

    I am signed into AppStudio and I have used cloud make numerous times.  However I am now unable to do this.  I get the error on the cloud make below and it wont make now?  I have logged off and back in n...
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  • How to share to social media

    Does anyone have any examples of how you could hook up a button to invoke the native 'Share' capabilities on Android and iOS using QML only?   Or any other suggestions on how to share to the likes of Facebook an...
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  • Does anybody know where the code for clicking on the Actions Button on the top left of the MapViewer Template and the code for clicking on the Search button on the top right of the MapViewer template are?

    Hi,   I am studying the .qml files in the MapViewer\system folder recently. But I cannot find the code for clicking on the Actions Button on the top left or the code for clicking on the Search button on the top ...
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  • Local make Settings

    Hello there, Can you please help me with setting up the Local make settings for Appstudio desktop. I had made a test application and I had tried to build an Android installer via AppStudio make local. Unfortunately, ...
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  • Is it able to use ArcGIS Quick Report application when the users is offline?

    I've created a Quick report application, and my problem is that the application doesn't show my basemap, when I'm offline.  There is no problem with adding a photo and fill the form, but I'm unable to locate mys...
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