• Quickreport template not attaching files

    Hi,   I have built an app using the Quickreport template, which has worked fine until now. It was built on v3.3 For some reason the attachments are not added to the service in some of the reports (about 50% suc...
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  • Access NMEA from an on-board GNSS receiver

    Sometimes it's not enough to get just the longitude and latitude of a location displayed in your app, and you need to additionally record metadata about the location value. For&...
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  • Can't sign in to AppStudio

    Hi,   It seems that I can't sign in to AppStudio for some reasons. I enter user credentials -> click sign in-> loader icon in top right corner constantly spinning and nothing else happens. Can you help me ...
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  • Multiple feature layers info in single popup

    Hi team,    Based on the popoup sample: Show a popup | ArcGIS for Developers    mapView.identifyLayer(featureLayer, screenX, screenY, tolerance, returnPopupsOnly);   From the line abov...
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  • What's New in AppStudio Framework 4.3

    The AppStudio Framework, or AppFramework, contains platform-neutral QML components to allow you to create apps that work across multiple platforms. The components that the AppFramework provides are intended for use in...
  • GeoTagged Image attachment to the service

    Hi,   We are developing a widget where we can get lat/lan values from geotagged photos and then it will copy the lat/lan values to the published service so here our query is that we can add 1 image at a time but...
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  • QML Code Sample - Add Point Feature

    This code sample can be seen as a simple "Hello World" app. It was built during a quick knowledge transfer session to demonstrate QML app structure, QML syntax, and basic concepts around editing a featu...
  • Identify only one layer on MapViewer Template For AppBuilder

    I'm trying to roll out a mobile app using MapViewer template for the AppStudio.  Right now, when you identify, it does an identify on all visible layers.  I need it to only identify on exactly one layer....
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  • In AppStudio & ArcCollector the ability to do a multi field search

    In AppStudio the ability to do a multi field search on a feature, so if you are using a point as an example, you would want to be able to search on say the color but also search on the size at the same time (similar f...
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  • New and Updated Samples In ArcGIS AppStudio 4.3 Release

    What's New? AppStudio has over 80 samples included in AppStudio Desktop and AppStudio Player, which show you a lot of specific functionalities that you can add to your AppStudio apps. In this release, there ha...
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  • How to download a publicly accessible (Native App) Survey123 built using AppStudio

    I can't seem to find the details on how to automatically download a publicly accessible Survey123 app that I created using AppStudio.  The app will be available in the Google Play and App stores.   So, I un...
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  • Embedded videos not carrying over

    I have videos embedded into my web map on AGOL. I am trying to create a native app using the Map Viewer Template 4.3 and as you can see the embedded video shows up just fine in the webmap, but when viewed from the nat...
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  • White screen issue on IPad

    Hi team this white screen issue is related to the previous thread: ArcGIS AppStudio Cloud Make Build for IOS and Android gives white screen    We are using QuickReport template    On comment...
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  • ArcGIS AppStudio Cloud Make Build for IOS and Android gives white screen

    Hi Team,    We have build an app using ArcGIS AppStudio (Windows) Quick Reporter Template. The app works fine on Appstudio Player, however when we build the app for IOS and Android native and run the ...
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  • Survey123 template

    Hi! When will a template based on version 3.10 of Survey123 be available in AppStudio? In the current version, 4.3.193, the template matches version 3.9 of Survey123.
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  • Protecting data for paid apps

    I have a question about making apps for purchase using a web map. The idea I have for an app will utilize a web map service I will create. In order for general users who purchase the app to use it without an AGOL...
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  • how to turn on camera flash light or torch light using qml?

    So i am working on a mobile app and i need to apply the touch feature on my app,How Can I turn on camera flash light or torch light on Button click using qml ? Is there any way to do this? 
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  • How to implement app login ?

    Hi, I want to implement app login for a closed group of people who are not AGOL user. Can anyone give me general step-wise process to achieve this?
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  • "Add Data" widget for AppStudio

    I am new to the coding world. And when I say new I mean I am just now taking classes. However I have been in the GIS game for a number of years. I am trying to build a native application with AppStudio but I am runnin...
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  • Updating the Map Viewer Template in Qt Creator

    I'm new to AppStudio and I really would like to work from one of their provided templates. I created a very basic app using the Map Viewer templates, but I do need to change a few things within the app using QML. When...
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