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Today, we are pleased to announce the beta release of AppStudio for ArcGIS 3.0.  We encourage you to participate in the AppStudio 3.0 beta program to try out new features, report bugs you may find, and ensure your AppStudio apps work well.  The goal of the beta program is to gain valuable feedback and deliver a stable and high-performance product for everyone.  

Disclaimer: Do not build apps to be used in production or submit to app stores using the Beta builds.
What’s New
This beta release includes many new features, enhancements, UI updates, and bug fixes (Thank you!). Behind the scenes, the underlying Qt framework has been upgraded from 5.9.1 to 5.10, which enables you to take advantage of new functionalities and enhancements received in Qt 5.10.
With AppStudio 3.0, Android build tools have been upgraded to API level 23, and as a result, Android Runtime permission model and fingerprint authentication are now supported.  You can implement fingerprint authentication in conjunction with AppFramework Secure Storage plugin to allow you sign into you AppStudio apps faster and safer on all supported platforms.
Additionally, ArcGIS Runtime version has been updated from 100.1 to 100.2.1, which means all of the exciting new and powerful features, any bug fixes and enhancements added to ArcGIS Runtime 100.2 and 100.2.1 are available in AppStudio 3.0.   
A full list of new features and enhancements of AppStudio 3.0 can be found at Early Adopter Program website
AppStudio 2.1 will be the last release to support ArcGIS Runtime for Qt 10.2.6.  For more information about deprecating 10.2.6, check this blog post. If you wish to continue building apps using 10.2.6, please do not update your version of AppStudio to 3.0.  
AppStudio 3.0 will drop support for 32-bit iOS apps. If you have created AppStudio iOS apps before you might not have realized but it did support both 32-bit and 64-bit variants of your app and any dependencies such as ArcGIS Runtime. Following the device statistics and latest technology trends, we decided to drop building apps for the diminishing 32 bit iOS devices out there. Just targeting 64-bit iOS will not only help optimize an app’s performance on supported devices but also conserve your device memory. As a side effect, you will also see a significant reduction in app binary size (~50% savings).
AppFramework.Dialogs plugin has been deprecated in AppStudio 3.0 Beta version, therefore, the following dialog will appear when running apps contain AppFramework.Dialogs plugin (such as Quick Report 2.1 or below). You will need to remove ArcGIS.AppFramework.Dialogs import statement to continue running the app. 
Note: This will not cause further issues with 2.1 Quick Report, as the app only imported the plugin, and no longer used anything it provided.
For example, to remove ArcGIS.AppFramework.Dialogs import statement in Quick Report:
1.     Click Edit button to run Qt Creator 
2.     Navigate to CameraComponent.qml file
3.     Remove line 14 import ArcGIS.AppFramework.Dialogs 1.0 
Note: If you built a Quick Report app using AppStudio Website, please update Quick report template to version 3.0 by creating a new one.  
Getting Started 
The beta program is open to anyone, you can join our Early Adopter Community to get access to the latest versions of AppStudio 3.0.
Download AppStudio Desktop 
You can download the beta version of the AppStudio Desktop 3.0 here
Download AppStudio Player (iOS)
Please leave your email to this forum thread so that we can add you to Apple’s Test Flight program to download AppStudio Player 3.0 (Beta).
Download AppStudio Player (Android)
You can go to early adopter website to download AppStudio Player 3.0 (Beta) on your Android device as well. 
You are now all set to start testing the AppStudio 3.0 Beta!
Your feedback is highly appreciated and it will help us to improve the final release of AppStudio for ArcGIS 3.0. For bugs and any issues you may find, please submit a bug report. You can also join the beta forum to provide feedback.     
The final release is scheduled to release in mid-April.  We want to thank everyone who contributes to AppStudio for ArcGIS 3.0 in advance and wish you happy testing!