What’s new in AppStudio Player version 3.0

Blog Post created by TJin-esristaff Employee on May 15, 2018
AppStudio Player is a great tool to test your AppStudio apps.  It gives you instant feedback of what your apps will look and act like on a real device without build requirements.  We have been continuing our work on adding new functionalities and enhancements to Player to improve your app developing experience.  
Introducing Player Classic
As of AppStudio 3.0 release, ArcGIS Runtime 10.2.6 is no longer supported in Player as the older ArcGIS Runtime 10.2.6 technology gets progressively replaced by the newer ArcGIS Runtime 100.x.  Just in case, if you still have apps that is built using the old generation of ArcGIS Runtime 10.2.6 that need to be tested, we have released Player Classic separately in both Apple app store and Google Play store.  Notice that Player Classic doesn’t include new changes added to 3.0 release. Also you are required to download and install Player Classic separately.  
The existing Player in the app stores will be updated with all the new features and enhancements added to 3.0 release.  
Upgrade ArcGIS Runtime version to 100.2.1
ArcGIS Runtime version has been upgraded from 100.1 to 100.2.1.  This upgrade allows Player to support apps created using ArcGIS Runtime 100.2 or 100.2.1 as well. 
Secure Storage
AppStudio 2.1 release introduced the Secure Storage plugin to allow AppStudio apps to store data into a system-provided location (For example, data will be stored in the Keychain on macOS and iOS devices, and in the Keystore on Android devices).  In this release, Player just got safer and more powerful with the implementation of encryption tokens and sensitive information into the system using the Secure Storage plugin.
Support for fingerprint login on Android and Face ID login on iPhone X
With AppStudio 3.0, Android build tools have been upgraded to API level 23, and as a result, fingerprint authentication is supported by the Player now on the Android devices.  In addition, you can also log into Player using Face ID on iPhone X.
Support for licensing ArcGIS Runtime 100.x apps
Previously, when running an app inside the Player, there will always be a watermark on the map even though your app has assigned ArcGIS Runtime license.  We have been actively taking your feedback and now apply your app’s ArcGIS Runtime license into Player, meaning if your app has an ArcGIS Runtime Lite license, the watermark will be removed when testing your app using Player.  
Update UI to support iPhone X 
Player’s layout has been updated to fill the iPhone X screen, and to not obscure rounded corners and indicators for both portrait and landscape orientation. 
As always, we will continue taking your suggestions and enhancing Player to help improve your app developing experience. A blog post on what's new in Map Tour 3.0 is coming soon, so stay tuned!  
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