Tile Package Kreator release 1.1 available now

Blog Post created by MVertzonis-esristaff Employee on Feb 1, 2017
Release 1.1 of Tile Package Kreator is now available for download from the ArcGIS MarketPlace. You can also download the source code directly in AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop Edition, or from GitHub.
Download this PDF document for a handy help guide for Tile Package Kreator.
In this release we have focused on two key improvements: using an existing area or path to define an extent, and searching for a tiled service.


Use json to create a path or area

Drawing a rectangle or line on the map is the simplest way to create a collection of tiles for export to a tile package. But now you can drag and drop json or geojson onto the Tile Package Kreator map to define your area or path. This is great if you already have a complex feature that defines the extent of your offline requirements. 
For example, you may wish to create a TPK file for your city extent. Save the city boundary as a json or geojson file and drag and drop it onto your Tile Package Kreator map. 
Creating a file for your polygon or line is one way to use json to create an extent, but if your feature is already in a feature service, you can copy and paste the json representing that feature directly from the feature service web page. Be sure to use keyboard shortcuts when you copy/paste from a web page, rather than using right mouse clicks.
Other tools can also be used to generate json or geojson - try On this website draw your extent on the map, then copy and paste the json directly onto the map in Tile Package Kreator.
Remember that the area or line feature that you copy to the Tile Package Kreator map must have a spatial reference of WGS84 - either 3857 or 4326.

Enter the URL of a tiled service

When you sign in to Tile Package Kreator and choose to Create a new tile package, all of the tile services available to you will be presented. You can select any one of these to create your TPK from. If your desired tile service is not listed, click the plus button in the top right hand corner and enter (either type or paste) the URL of your tile service. 
A tile service may not appear because it has not been registered with your ArcGIS organization, or you may have a large number of services. Once you have entered the URL of the service it will appear at the end of the catalog of services. Select the service to proceed to the next step of nominating an extent.
Remember that only tiled map services that have export tiles enabled can be used to create a TPK file.