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What are app properties?

Every app created in AppStudio can have properties that can be defined by the user (either desktop or web) that change the way the app looks or behaves. These allow you to customize an app without opening it in Qt Creator and navigating code.


Each of the app templates that Esri provide a wide range of properties that you can change. You can change colors, text sizes and font, and hide and display portions of the app. To change the properties in the desktop edition:

  1. Select the app in the AppStudio gallery
  2. Click the Settings tool on the toolbar
  3. Click the properties tab
  4. Change any of the properties, and click Apply

NOTE: There is a problem in Beta 3 when editing properties. Be sure to NOT BE SIGNED IN. We have discovered that signing in does interfere with the operation of the properties page, cause the page to freeze and sometimes not save your changes. We are working to fix this.



Where are app properties defined?

AppStudio displays the properties in a user friendly way, for example, presenting color and file dialogs for certain fields. However, the definition of what is displayed, is stored in a configuration file in the ArcGIS item of the app called appschema.json. This configuration can be edited in a text editor to change the descriptions of each property and also to change how a property is presented. For more information on this file see What is an app item?—AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop Edition (Beta) | ArcGIS



Why is the content of this tab in English?

All text on the properties tab of the Settings dialog comes from the label fields of the appschema.json configuration file. Currently all Esri configuration files are in English only. Our intention is to have all Esri templates (and their configuration files) translated for the first full release.


If you are creating your own app that needs to be in a language other than English, be sure to translate the labels in your appschema.json file.

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