AppStudio Beta 3 available now at http:\\

Blog Post created by MVertzonis-esristaff Employee on Jul 20, 2015

AppStudio for ArcGIS is now publicly available, directly from the product site. Application to join the Esri early adopter community is no longer required to use AppStudio. Go to http:\\ and sign in with a Named User account to start using AppStudio or download the Desktop Edition.


Over the coming weeks we will phase out using the early adopter community and move to disseminating information only via GeoNet.


Whats new in Beta 3?


You can also now create an app directly on the web. Choose one of the featured apps and configure it for your own use. Build installation files and a landing page all on the web, and get ready to distribute your own native app.


Player is now available in Google Play and App Store


Changes and new features in the Desktop Edition include:

  • The template Wizard has been replaced with the New App tool. Now you have more choices to get started creating your apps. You can choose on of the following:
    • Featured template—Map Tour, Map View or Quick Report.
    • Starter app—For example, 'Hello World'.
    • Layout—For example, a toolbar and content area.
    • Enterprise app—An enterprise version of Player that acts as a home to a collection of your apps.
  • The ArcGIS item type used for AppStudio projects has changed from Code Sample to Native Application. For the duration of Beta 3 these will co-exist, but at the next release code sample item types will not be supported. Code sample item types are only visible in Desktop Edition and not the web and are indicated with a warning icon on the thumbnail. You will not be able to manage your code sample item type apps online. To migrate your app, click the Menu on the app thumbnail and choose to Create new app from [App Name]. This will create a new local version of the app. When you add the app to ArcGIS using the Upload tool it will be assigned an item type of Native Application.
  • The ArcGIS item type used for installation files has changed from Code Sample to Native Application Installer. Installation files of type code sample will not be available in http:\\ To update your installation files, delete the existing code sample item types from ArcGIS and request a new build with Beta 3.
  • Introduction of Appschema, a configuration file that defines how to present the custom defined properties of an app to the user in AppStudio Settings. For additional details see What is an app item?
  • Improved localization, including better handling of left to right languages and more translations. The install wizard is also now translated.