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Church in San Miguel de Allende

This project was brought to life to bring attention to Mexico’s world-class attractions and friendly people.  What started off as a “story map” soon become a “story atlas” as the author continued to add more and more content.  The author is publishing the story maps to educate and encourage future travelers to Mexico.  The following story maps consist of between 1 to 5 thematically related maps.

Whether you are interested in outstanding pre-Hispanic historical landmarks, love to explore fascinating caves, research vibrant Mexican indigenous cultures, or are just a casual traveler who feels like tasting tequila or margarita, the Traveler’s Atlas of Mexico might help you to learn more about the country and its tourist attractions, as well as plan your itinerary.  This atlas might come in handy while you are already there or before you next visit looking for worthwhile attractions.  The atlas consists of over 30 thematic maps depicting Mexico’s geography, population, and primarily, tourist attractions.  The majority of the attractions are precisely located allowing you to explorer these locations at both small and large scales.

Other than indicating where there is the highest density of "must see” attractions, the atlas's maps show where extra caution should be exercised.  Crime analysis represented by the most severe crime of murder is also presented.  The analysis concludes that even though Mexico is not crime free, there are states with murder rates comparable to the safest European countries.

Hope you enjoyed the atlas as much as I enjoyed creating it and hope that you are inspired to visit this amazing nation.

Contributed by Witold F.

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