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9/27/2013 -  Updated for 10.2.  Links to add-in and source code.Leap motion is a hand and finger sensing peripheral for Macs and PCs.  This video demonstrates the integration of the Leap Motion Controller with the ArcGIS Desktop application called ArcGlobe.  The controller is used as a virtual 3d mouse for navigating in the three dimensions.


To download the source code, click here.


The controller is surprisingly accurate, it is able to measure hand and finger displacement with millimeter accuracy at a rate of up to 120 updates per second.  Because this flying tool did not require any precision sketching we used the hand position and orientation information exclusively.  At approximately 30 times a second, the tool retrieves the spatial and angular displacement of the hand from the original starting position.  These differentials are used to update the observer's location and orientation in ArcGlobe.


One of the complexities that needed to be overcome is how to present a consistent navigational experience when the controller is communicating at a rate of 60-120 times a second and ArcGlobe is refreshing anywhere between 15 to 60 times a second.


The work presented here is based on an early developer unit from Leap Motion.  Consumer units are scheduled to ship in May 2013.  Please visit the Leap Motion website for more details.


The virtual city featured in the video is Philadelphia, PA.  For more information about this data please click here.Video filmed by Mark D.

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