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The current method of adding map, image, geoprocessing (and other GIS services) to ArcGIS Online (AGOL) is to use the website directly. This online help article describes the procedure in more detail.500x256[1]


Using the website is Esri’s recommended approach to sharing your GIS services with the mapping community. If you or your organization would like to share a large number of services, using the website could be somewhat time consuming. In response to this, the Prototype Lab have developed and published a free add-in for ArcMap that simplifies the process of registering services on AGOL.


How to Install?

    1. Download the zip file associated with the ArcGIS Online Service Publisher Add-in code gallery contribution
    2. Unzip the download and double click on file with the esriAddIn file extension.(note: the zip file also contains the complete source code)
    3. Click “Install Add-In”.

How to Uninstall?

    1. In ArcMap, click Customize > Add-In Manager,
    2. Select the “ArcGIS Online Service Publisher” add-in and click “Delete this Add-In”.

How to Use?

    1. Start ArcMap,
    2. Click Customize > Toolbars > ArcGIS Online Service Publisher to display the publisher toolbar,
    3. Click the only button on the toolbar to display the AGOL publisher window,
    4. If the Catalog dockable window is not displayed click Windows > Catalog,
    5. In the upper portion of the Catalog Window select “GIS Servers” to reveal a list of your existing ArcGIS Server connections,
    6. Assuming you have a connection to your organization’s ArcGIS Server and that you would like to register its services on AGOL, drag and drop the connection onto the publisher window.
    7. As soon as the service connection shortcut is dropped on the window, the publisher will spend a few seconds examining available services.
    8. When the loading is complete, click the hide button to return to the main dialog,
    9. In the main dialog you can browse all GIS services from the dropped connection, view service details and uncheck services that you do not want to register with AGOL.
    10. Before the services can be registered you must log into ArcGIS Online.  Click “Log In” to display the AGOL Sign In window, enter your Esri global account credentials and then click Sign In.
    11. When connected, you can modify the default settings such as the target folder (if any) and the permissions. By default, registered services will be public, that is, discoverable by everyone. Alternatively, you can make services private and/or discoverable to one or more AGOL groups. Click Publish to commence the AGOL registration process.
    12. During service registration on AGOL, a scrolling list of messages will appear as pictured below. When the registration is complete the progress bar will disappear and the Hide button will enable. Click the hide button to return to the main display.
    13. If your organization has other publically accessible Servers that you would like share with the mapping/GIS community, repeat the steps described above.
    14. Finally, to verify that the registration was successful, start a web browser and navigate to AGOL. Login to view the newly registered content under the My Contents tab as shown below.

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