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This week we have four new videos of proof-of-concepts developed on the Microsoft Surface with ESRI’s ArcGIS API for WPF.

ArcPhoto for Microsoft Surface

This application demonstrates how photographs can be automatically downloaded from a camera to the Surface using Bluetooth connectivity and georeferenced.  Georeferencing is the process of assigning a physical real-world position to an object, namely a photograph.  In this demonstration, the photographs were taken using device that included a GPS receiver and could tag photographs with their geographic position.


Greenprint Priority for Microsoft Surface

The following demonstration uses the Surface to display a map of an area and instructs a remote mapping server to perform intensive suitability analysis.  The parameters for the analysis are on the right hand side of the screen and the results are displayed on the left.  This demonstrates how the Surface can be used to perform “what if” environmental analysis.


Map Analysis with Tagged Objects for Microsoft Surface

This demonstration uses Surface-specific tags as inputs to drive time and viewing geoprocessing operations.  The geoprocessing analysis is being performed on a remote ArcGIS Server.


Tag Map Magnifier for Microsoft Surface

The application utilizes Surface-specific tags to act as virtual map magnifiers.  Tags are made up of a collection of domino-like black dots and are uniquely identified by the Surface device.  Developers can retrieve the tag position, identifier code and orientation.


The lab used the tags to add an additional Map UIElements to the display.  As the user manipulates the tag, the magnifier map is repositioned and its map extent updated.  The map insets initially have same scale as the base map, a small scrollbar is provided to allow the user to magnify the map (or “zoom in”).


Because tags are uniquely identified, if a user removes a tag and then places it back on the table, we are able to restore previous settings such as the map magnifier’s size and relative scale.


Contributed by Richie C.

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