• Adding Javascript API widget to Esri's Angular CLI boilerplate code

    I'm using the Esri Angular CLI template from Github here: GitHub - Esri/angular-cli-esri-map: Example Angular component for building mapping applications with the ArcGIS API for … . I've been try...
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  • Help with Angular Service

    I am a beginner with the angular framework. I need to populate a drop in my component. The elements will come from a feature layer. The drop down needs be populated in the beginning to work or I guess I could sub...
    created by ionara_wilson
  • IWA authentication using Angular JS

    I have an angular js app that was built by a vendor partner and is having issues authenticating using IWA against Portal. The app previously worked fine with IWA when accessing services frm ArcGIS server 10.1. Now tha...
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  • esri popup

    I have a esri map that when I open the popup without moving anything on the map, the popup comes correct. x on top and zoom on the bottom but when I move the map around and then open the popup the header and the f...
    created by randerson8
  • ESRI Angular with PointDrawAction

    Hello, I tried to setup ESRI JS API with Angular, but I was not able to implement "PointDrawAction". For a better troubleshooting I setup this Repository: https://github.com/Meeett/PointDrawActionLag ...
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  • graphic.visible in 4.8 not working

    setting a graphics visible property to false will not hide the graphic on the map. this worked in 4.7 but in 4.8 it is not working. 
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  • Datatype definition error for mapView.center in Angular

    Hello,   I'm not really sure if this is the right spot for this. If not, I'll be happy to move it. I have created a P.O.C in Angular with the help of the brilliant tutorial code in github. &...
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  • Displaying circle and polygon shape  in Map

    Hi Team,   I have to display map in circles and polygon shape, I have the coordinates with me. And I am very much new to this section, could you please help me to give some sample demos for this.   I will ...
    created by randeepnath.tr
  • Toolbar option with 4.x

    Hello, I have couple of questions here. 1. Do anyone has idea on when ArcGIS Map version 4.x will be released with toolbar compoments? 2. Currently I am working on AngularJS 4.0, so if I move back to ArcGIs 3.x does...
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  • How to display esri map on mobile using angularjs??

    I tried to run this sample  GitHub - jwasilgeo/ionic-esri-map: An Ionic app demonstrating how to use the Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript. on the mobile using adobe phonegap build but the map did not load althoug...
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  • Visual Studio 2015 with Angular 2 and JavaScript API 4

    I, along with a million or so developers use Visual Studio as our primary tool for web app development. I'm trying to create a Visual Studio 2015 project for ESRI JavaScript API 4.0 Beta using Angular 2. I first cr...
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  • Path Javascript API compact

    Hi guys, I'm still beginner again ... I've installed and configured "Javascript API" in windows. Now, I'm testing the examples but I have the following question In the lines of code alone put JSAPI route: 1. <s...
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  • Are you interested in an Esri DevSummit in the Central US?

    If you are interested in an Esri DevSummit in the Central US, you can help make it happen. Vote here: Where would you like to have an Esri DevSummit in the Midwest?
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  • Angular for Full Screen Mapping App

    We're starting to evaluate which JS pieces to leverage for a new application, which will be replacing a Silverlight app.  We were going to start out with Angular as a core piece of the puzzle, until noticing a co...
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  • Declarative Mapping Applications with AngularJS - DevSummit 2015

    Open video

  • angular-esri-map Beta 2 Released

    Release Beta 2 · Esri/angular-esri-map · GitHub   Bug Fixes dojo loader multipleDefine in docs #38 (thanks @niblicroad) esrilegend.js not found in gulp #40 (thanks @eas604) Enhancements esriLoader tak...
  • Support for angular-esri-map

    FYI - if you're looking for help w/ the angular-esri-map repo, post your questions under the ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API place with the angular-esri-map tag.