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Click to view contentThrough a Web Map in ArcGIS Online, I'm creating a field in Feature #1 and Feature #1 is related to Feature #2.  Is there a way to get the specific values in Feature #2 that are related via for an Arcade expression in Feature #1?   It's a 1 to many relate and related through a Text ID Field that they both have.  EDIT: I think it has something to… (Show more)
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hello, is it possible to display the projected coordinates in arcgis online
in AGOL/Portal for Non Profits
Problem with Overwrite Metadata    Hi, I want to import an existing metadata XML file, I choose the file on my computer but i have a message that say that the metadata xml file needs to be in the arcgis metadata format however the type of metadata have exported was "current style (NAP) .  
Click to view contentThe Distance function gives a planar distance. However, I would like the distance accounting for the earth's curvature / coordinate system.. where it is similar to the measuring tool in AGOL.  Is there another way in arcade to make an expression calculate the distance accounting for the coordinate system & earth's curvature so that it is very… (Show more)
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Hi, could you please explain why my configured pop-up shows the new configuration correctly in a web map but not in a web app (such as a story map). If I save the web map after adding my HTML code I can still see the desired configuration, whereas if I close and re-open the web map the same problem arises--that is, the pop-up shows the actual HTML… (Show more)