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I can't find any information about discounts for non-profits.  Any round numbers would even help!
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We have a user who created a hosted feature layer created from Excel that he is unable to delete. The item is not delete protected, and the only message returned is 'Unable to delete item'.    I have tried with Administrative rights as well with the same results.   Is there any way for Administrators to force delete an item?   Thank you, Peggy
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Hi there! I work for a medium sized non-profit that is just setting up our GIS program. We currently have two primary analysts, and ~5 users who also have experience with GIS and would benefit from access (that number may grow). Our management has moved completely to a OneDrive/Sharepoint storage with no local server storage. We primarily all work… (Show more)
Hi,   We are migrating our Web Application from 10.4.1 to 10.7.1 using AGOL. But I do not see any AGOL documentation to migrate webmap and is Web Appbuilder 2.7 compatible to ArcGIS 10.7.1.
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Click to view contentI have generated a web application which enables tabular and spatial data to be edited (in ArcGIS Online)   My process consists of uploading the layer by publishing a service, enabling the layer to undergo all edits in the Feature Layer options.  Create a web map and finally a web application, again enabling edits.  I made several of these apps… (Show more)
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Click to view contentThrough a Web Map in ArcGIS Online, I'm creating a field in Feature #1 and Feature #1 is related to Feature #2.  Is there a way to get the specific values in Feature #2 that are related via for an Arcade expression in Feature #1?   It's a 1 to many relate and related through a Text ID Field that they both have.  EDIT: I think it has something to… (Show more)
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