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Hi All   Is it possible to have a text field that contains textual descriptions for my data but also with hyperlinks e.g.   Some descriptive text and hyperlink1 and hyperlink2 and some more text   I know I can add a field and populate with hyperlinks but this is not what I am trying to achieve for my project.   Any ideas would be super… (Show more)
in AGOL/Portal for Non Profits
Please Help me with this i am unable to solve, i am in a lot of trouble .   I am attatching the project below . Please help me as soon as possible   my MainWindow.xaml looks like this   <Window x:Class="ch2b.MainWindow" xmlns="" xmlns:x=""… (Show more)
In an ArcGIS online webmap one can make a custom attribute display popup. This is quite a powerfull feature, even allowing HTML formating.    I was trying to access external content from this custom window. This works perfectly fine by maken a link, however I also want to embed the content in the pop-up window itself.   By switching the edit box… (Show more)
in AGOL/Portal for Non Profits