New Start!

Blog Post created by Izay_Pantanilla on Apr 24, 2016

Dear Colleagues,


My name is Izay and I am the new moderator of the AeHIN GIS group.


First of all, we would like to apologize for the limited volume of activities in this group over the past months. A lot of things needed to be put in place in order for the AeHIN GIS Lab to be made functional (more to come on the AeHIN website soon).


Now that this is done, we need to ensure for this GeoNet Group to become the communication and knowledge sharing platform for the Lab and we need your help on this.


As a start, we would like to kindly invite all of you to complete your GeoNet profile page by adding your photo and a short biography. This will serve as a starting point in getting to know more about each other.


We then would like to invite all of you to share information, documents/publications, events or any other material regarding the use of GIS in relation to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) you could be aware of.


Last but not the least, we would like to welcome any suggestions you could have to make this Group interesting and useful to your work and respective interest.


Many thanks therefore in advance for your feedback on the above and inputs to the Group.