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I'm having a problem syncing between ArcGIS online with its extension for Adobe.  The map, which contains about 110 data points, is located here:   I'm able to copy and modify the extent in the mapboards feature of the extension.  However, when I attempt to sync… (Show more)
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  I have been using ArcMap for about 10 years now. I recently upgraded to ArcMap 10.6 on a Windows 10 Laptop with 32g ram. Previously I was using ArcMap 10.1 on a Windows 7 Laptop with 32g ram. Since the upgrade panning on a map with text turned on takes 6 minutes instead of seconds. Is there something new I need to know? We tried to downgrade to… (Show more)
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It is a long time since I have used Adobe Acrobat Reader but now I don't appear to be able to do anything. I have one document  as a PDF format. I cannot open it cause of the following error: There was problem reading this document.  Any suggestions?
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