• cpg

    Bom dia, tenho a licença de um ArcGIS 10.1 e não consigo exportar um shp que contenha a extensão CPG, o que devo fazer para conseguir resolver esse problema, lembrando que os demais arquivos que com...
  • Check for stopped services

    Example: Check a folder for stopped services—ArcGIS Server Administration (Windows) | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterpris…    I am trying to get this to work. I tired running the script and it j...
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  • WebGISDR Failing on export and import with permissions issues

    Hi,   I'm trying to both export and import a webgisdr and it continues to fail when I've triple checked the admin and service account running portal, server and datastore all have permissions on the backup direc...
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  • Error in Project Setup at HEC-GeoHMS

    Hello   When I try to generate a New Project Setup the folowwing information appears:   System.Runtime:TnteropServices:COMException (0x80004005):Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM ...
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  • Unable to install arcgis, fatal error

    Hi My computer meets all system pre-requisites. But not able to install. when i click open the exe file, I get the dialog box to click Run. Then  get the message: "Fatal Error- This program has got corrupted int...
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  • what is CDSTRADMN

    When I reconcile and post was done through a python script this error came up. ERROR 000084: Conflicts detected, aborting the reconcile. ERROR 000533: The version cannot be posted to the reconcile version. Reconcile ...
    created by mabeykoon
  • how to extract Netcdf 4 data files for precipitation values with their corresponding X,Y values.

    The first method: use the netcdf raster layer tool to bring it in, then copy raster and build attribute table. the second method: use the SDMtoolbox to convert multilayered netcdf files to raster.   Both method...
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  • how do you open up a .pitemx file?

    Every time I double-click the .pitemx file it open up ArcGIS Pro, but nothing shows up.  I am trying to open up a map in AGOL so that I can edit the map.
    created by sreid_usfs
  • is there a way to limit the default mdf and ldf values when creating an enterprise geodatabase in sql

    When using the Create Enterprise GeoDatabase tool, the default is a 500 MB mdf and 125 MB ldf.  Is there a way to change this?   I have inventoried all of our sde databases, and only 1 is larger than 50...
    created by sdeneice123
  • Is there a Patch Finder for Windows for 10.7.x and if so where do I find it?

    patchfinder arcgis_10.7.x We are just starting to deploy 10.7.1 products and patching them here.  Is there a Patch Finder for Windows utility yet for ArcGIS 10.7.1 products? 
    created by BarrieGIS
  • Change Server account to domain account

    Hello,    I have Arc server 10.7.1 federated with Portal 10.7.1.  I am needing to change the arc server account to a domain account, but when I try to do so within the ArcGIS Server account utilit...
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  • How to script in a crowdsourcing reporter for participatory budgeting

    Am trying to add some data in the reporter from the layers but have failed. Any help?
  • how to install arcgis pro

    i just purchased the arcgis pro and have downloaded  the  software but i keep getting  a popup  message attached below  please what can be  done to move past this stage and install suc...
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  • I am looking for some information on using ios versus android for arc collector

    I am something for field data collection. I hear that IOS is preferred over Android and that ArcCollector is in Beta for Android. Please share your insight or experience on the two. Thank you.
    created by joemon554
  • Licensing - Why do i need two licences to run extensions, when i use a license server. One for ArcMap and one for ArcGIS PRO?

    I have one pc. On that i have ArcMap installed and borrowed an extension (DataInteroperability fx.) from our license server (ArcGIS Administrator). When i want to use the extension in ArcGIS PRO (installed on same pc ...
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  • Layer: Unexpected error in replaceDataSource in SDE_WORKSPACE

    ESRI 10.5 I have an MXD file with a single layer pointing to an SDE Feature class and I want to point to an SDE Feature class with a different name C:\Temp\jc_mxd\AppsInternal\simple.mxd Layer name =SDI.MTD.LAYER dat...
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  • student install and configure

    looking for installation instructions
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  • When using ARCGIS Pro 2.4 my device driver shuts off and restarts causing screen to freeze

    Why does using ArcGis Pro 2.4 cause my screen to freeze and hang up? Using Windows 8 64 bit X64 Processor.
  • user account access configuration

    I am not sure this has been asked or if it has been answered but here it goes again. Is there a way to setup user account configuration with setting such as login time. Such as, if a user does not login to the sy...
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  • standard toolbar only gives zoom-out

    The Standard toolbar was docked in its default position, and I could select Pan, or other tools, BUT when moving to the map, the only tool that appeared was Zoom-out.  Then when I undocked the toolbar, it vanishe...
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