• Licensing - Why do i need two licences to run extensions, when i use a license server. One for ArcMap and one for ArcGIS PRO?

    I have one pc. On that i have ArcMap installed and borrowed an extension (DataInteroperability fx.) from our license server (ArcGIS Administrator). When i want to use the extension in ArcGIS PRO (installed on same pc ...
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  • Layer: Unexpected error in replaceDataSource in SDE_WORKSPACE

    ESRI 10.5 I have an MXD file with a single layer pointing to an SDE Feature class and I want to point to an SDE Feature class with a different name C:\Temp\jc_mxd\AppsInternal\simple.mxd Layer name =SDI.MTD.LAYER dat...
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  • WebGISDR Failing on export and import with permissions issues

    Hi,   I'm trying to both export and import a webgisdr and it continues to fail when I've triple checked the admin and service account running portal, server and datastore all have permissions on the backup direc...
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  • student install and configure

    looking for installation instructions
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  • When using ARCGIS Pro 2.4 my device driver shuts off and restarts causing screen to freeze

    Why does using ArcGis Pro 2.4 cause my screen to freeze and hang up? Using Windows 8 64 bit X64 Processor.
  • user account access configuration

    I am not sure this has been asked or if it has been answered but here it goes again. Is there a way to setup user account configuration with setting such as login time. Such as, if a user does not login to the sy...
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  • standard toolbar only gives zoom-out

    The Standard toolbar was docked in its default position, and I could select Pan, or other tools, BUT when moving to the map, the only tool that appeared was Zoom-out.  Then when I undocked the toolbar, it vanishe...
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  • Attribute Assistant - Generate ID by Intersect - use a field for the ID, not static text

    I have the Generate ID by Intersect working, however instead of static text, I want to use a field. I have sewer structures that are ID'd by a grid. The type of structure is the first 2 letters, then the grid number...
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  • Bounce a Hung User from Flex LM

    I've discovered a user in our pool of concurrent licenses that is on vacation.  The weird thing is, the user is still showing connected after turning the desktop computer off.  Is there a way (short of stopp...
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  • Unknown resource - could not find token service endpoint

    when add a ArcGIS server on federated server on a portal for arcgis i have this issue "Unknown resource - could not find token service endpoint."
  • Spatial Analyst License

    I am using ArcGIS for Personal Use.  I am trying to use Spatial Analyst, but when I try an error comes up saying there is no license available.  ArcGIS Admin confirms it is available.  Has anybody had t...
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  • ArcSDE Service Connections

    Is it possible to create ArcSDE service connection in ArcGIS server 10.1 thru 10.6?  This was possible in ArcGIS \ SDE 10.0.  We have a older FME application the utilizes the older service connection method....
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  • DateTime conversion of exported CSV file type 1549663223992.0

    I've got an automated process started that downloads a Feature Layer Collection from an AGOL account for clean-up and rewrite.  Comes down just fine as a CSV but the dates come down as a large number that I can c...
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  • How copy map service from one ArcGIS server Machine to another ArcGIS server Machine

    Please I would like to know if there is a new and easier way to achieve the transfer of map services from one ArcGIS server machine to another ArcGIS server machine. I have over 400 map services to transfer. Some two...
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  • license date on server different than the one on workstation

    We have ARCGIS 10.3. I moved the license server to a newer server. I deauthorized the old machine in MyESRI, and I authorized the new machine. I go to a work station, and I can borrow the license. On the work station,...
  • License Manager Options file sample

    Does anyone have a license ARCGIS.opt sample they can share with me?   I need two things - a host_group and an exclude statement together...   basically, i've got a list of users User1, User2, User3 who ne...
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  • Borrowing licence does not honor license OPT file

    Hi there,   Currently we are using OPT file for our licence management and works as expected when used by our customers. One issue is that when they are borrowing licence, ArcGIS Administrator allows user to cho...
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  • gis.users.search()

    Hi,  How could we retrieve just usernames from  gis.users.search() list? I am trying to compare users between Azure active directory and built-in users. I just need the usernames but not the entire list co...
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  • Why cant host machine check out licence using OPT file

    We've set up a dedicated machine to use desktop licence and added its machine name to the OPT file. Problem is that when a user whose username is also in the OPT file logs in the machine, their username gets used to c...
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  • where can I find the patch finder for 10.4.x

    I am looking for the Patch Finder for Windows ArcGIS Desktop version 10.4.x.
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