• print out list of online members

    In an ArcGIS Online account, how do you simply print out a list of members and their Roles?  It would be a nice feature to add.
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  • Anyone Using 'Geojobe' for Portal Admin got feedback?

    Is anyone using Geojobe for administration of Portal for ArcGIS? Saw them posting in a geonet thread about deployment of items from one portal to another and subsequently sat through an impressive demo.   S...
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  • Hosted Tile Layer Update (Portal)

    Hi folks, I have a hosted tile layer that I created from a hosted feature layer within our Portal Environment.  I would like to know if the hosted tile layer is automatically updated when the the feature layer is...
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  • ArcGIS Online user audit reports

    Is there a means to generate a report which lists the arcgis online users and groups and the maps, apps and layers they have access to?
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  • We have a non-profit ArcGIS online account and have set up surveys for volunteers to use during our whale watch trips. How do I enable volunteers to utilize the forms if they are not made public?

    Since our non-profit account allows 
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  • Download a zip file with an ArcPY geoprocessing service in ArcGIS Portal

    I have an ExportExcelFile geoprocessing service developed in ArcPy and I want the user to get the download file URL returned so that they can click on the link and download the Excel file.   The geoprocessin...
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  • Testing Tools Recommendations

    Hi everyone. Which tools are recommended for testing applications developed using ESRI Web portal? Thank you
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  • Portal Identity store - switching from the built in ID store to active directory

    I want to switch from the built-in identity store to a windows web tier active directory that our organization uses. I have already set up accounts in the Portal using the built-in ID store. I am wondering what will h...
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  • Validation capability  option on Configuration tab in ArcGISPro2.5

    Hi, I have created Utility network and Branch version in ArcGIS Pro 2.5. I am unable to find the Validation capability  option in Configuration tab on while publishing as Web Layer. I am using ArcGISPro2.5 and...
  • steps to download arc gis pro

    How to download arc gis pro as a Learn ArcGIS account holder
  • How do I perform arithmetic calculations between data in two different tables?

    For example, I have one table with the total number of hospital beds in a given county. I have another separate table with the populations in those same counties. Therefore, in order to calculate "hospital beds per pe...
  • what options do I need to choose for a Portal License to complete the Azure Enterprise install

    Please help.  I am trying to install an Enterprise ArcGIS setup, but the installer asks for a Portal License.  When I go to create a Portal license, it asks me for the name of the License Manager node.  ...
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  • What is the status of deleted named user?

    I am trying to understand what happens to an ArcGIS Online named user when it is deleted from our org.  I'm asking because I recently deleted one, and now need to add it back into our org.  But I can't. ...
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  • survey123 picture response to sharepoint list via Microsoft Flow

    Hi All,   I have created the following Sample survey123 app with three fields (Name, Picture and Rating) SharePoint List six fields (Name, Picture, Rating, SubmittedOn, Longitude and latitude) Micro...
  • Survey123 Form Using Field Names and Ignoring Alias Names

    Hello All,   I need help on fixing an issue on the survey 123 form! The form is working fine, but when I fill out and submit the form, my data and tables of maps are showing field names and ignoring their alias ...
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  • Repairing a portal geodatabase

    I goofed on a portal geodatabase when I created a new dataset. Created it with a date (all the previous dataset have dates also). Imported the feature classes from the previous month's dataset to use that data to edit...
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  • How do I add selected fields to the attribute table in data

    I'm doing an assignment and after creating a new feature layer of points, lines, and polygons, it tells us to go the data tab, then press fields, then select certain fields and add them to the table. Once I select the...
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  • what version of arcgis am I running?

    I found How To: Determine the installation location and version of ArcGIS Desktop using Python  ...with a python script to determine version and installation location but it fails with a syntax error. pyth...
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  • Is there a good resource of common table of organizations for large businesses?

    Hopefully this the correct place to post this. If not please let me know of a better place. Thanks.   I am trying to find a resource showing how a large business should structure their staff, i.e. who should be ...
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  • Is it possible to copy the new StoryMaps?

    I've tried copying the new storymaps, but it throws an error when you try to open or edit the copied storymap. For now I am only trying to do this within my organisation, but we may want to copy storymaps to a differe...
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