• What effect will WebAuthn have?

    What effect will the W3C Web Authentication (WebAuthn) draft specification have on Portal/Enterprise GIS tier authentication?
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  • prevent downloads from AGOL

    We have publically shared features in AGOL. I do not want anyone to be able to download the features.  How do I prevent this?
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  • Error 512 - Can't add a user to a group.

    When trying to add a user to certain groups, I get the following error:   Unable to add the user to the group. They may not have the privileges necessary to join this group, or may already be a member ...
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  • Delete Datastore Backup

    Hello,     We have Datastore configured in HA with Primary and Standby servers (v10.5.1). It had replication issue and finally it was resolved and now Changing Roles(Active/Standby) are working fine. Howeve...
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  • Default Author on ArcGIS Online

    Hi, just getting going with ArcGIS Online.  I am a member in a group, not the Administrator and I do not have any Administrator privileges. I am creating Map Applications for my group and I am working with the P...
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  • Portal for ArcGIS - Basemap Thumbnails Not Displaying - 498 - invalid token

    Hello, base map thumbnails don't display if application and web map is shared for a group (even to admin). If it is shared for everyone, it's OK. Thumbnail pictures are in the right folder. Group of basemaps is ...
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  • Unique values from multiple attributes for symbology in AGOL

    I have a web map on ArcGIS online and I am trying to use 2 unique values for my erosion control sites. I want to use Permit Status and Compliance level as my attributes that determine symbology. The first entry has al...
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  • ArcGIS Online user audit reports

    Is there a means to generate a report which lists the arcgis online users and groups and the maps, apps and layers they have access to?
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  • My account is not connected correctly to my organization

    I am an administrator on my organization account and have full access when I go to the organization page. But when I log into my.esri it says I have no organization connected.  When I request to make the con...

    Hola, tengo una duda en cuanto a la gestión de usuarios en los servicios publicados.   Situación: - Tengo un servicio de mapas publicado en AGOL. - Tengo activada la opción de tracking en ...
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  • ArcGIS Online vs Portal: Attribute Viewing

    In ArcGIS online, you can assign multiple attributes to one variable.  Is this not the case in portal?
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  • Reclaiming Portal licenses

    How do I get licenses back once generated?  I have created a .json file for a Portal that had 20 Creator and Viewer.  They were activated.  But we recently received 5 Editor and Field Worker licenses.&#...
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  • Has anyone had issues with distortion when using WMS OGC Web Service as a basemap in Portal For ArcGIS?

    The web service is in WGS_1984 and I have set the default extent of the WebMap to that of the WMS imagery. When I add the WMS Service Imagery as a layer it displays correctly, however when I try to explicitly add it a...
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  • Geojson is  not generated correctly. Is there any limit?

    Hi,  I usually used the arcgis online to export geojson. I've noticed that when the data is too large, the geojson is not generated correctly although it says that the file size is around 200MB. The file content...
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  • Integrating Real-Time data in ArcGIS online

    Hello everyone! I am currently working with a remote monitoring system that gathers data from an anemometer, and would like to know if there's any way I can link that data to a map in ArcGIS online so the information...
  • Cannot access the layer I published

    I am having a issue when publishing a layer to the web from ArcGIS pro.  To use Pro I have to be logged into my organization.  I go to publish and if I do not select share with everyone or share with people ...
    created by JSchmidt77
  • Benchmark or test of ArcGIS ArcMap

    I'm trying to test ArcGIS Map on a machine to see if the program runs well.  Is there any type of benchmark or scripted test for that program? 
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  • Portal, "The layer could not be loaded"

    Hi,   I recently used ArcGIS online assistant to move a map over from AGOL to Portal.    I am receiving the following error and it is very annoying-    "The layer could not be loaded." The ...
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  • Unknown resource - could not find token service endpoint

    when add a ArcGIS server on federated server on a portal for arcgis i have this issue "Unknown resource - could not find token service endpoint."
  • Python Script Error

    I am trying to run a script from ESRI that copies items between two Portal instances. When I run the script I get this error on the python interpreter   usage: module1.py [-h] sourcePortal sourceAdmin sourcePas...
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