• no feature is created from a model

    Hy guys..I have created a python script and a model which creates a feature (a square) in a layer given X and Y coordinates of center. of the square...it works on Arcgis desktop so I published it as a geoprocessing se...
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  • HELP!!! Change arcgis server url from localhost:6080 to an arcgis url

    hey guys I have a problem I want to change my arcgis server url from localhost:6080 to an arcgis url..because when I publish my geoprocessing services and I want to add a custom widget in web appuilder I can't ad...
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  • SOS problem in adding a geoprocessing custom widget.

    Hello guys please I have a problem in adding a geoprocessing custom widget..I only have arcgis online and arcgis server installed ..I don't have portal for arcgis..I shared this geoprocessing service and I can see it ...
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  • ArcPro - Scene Uses Unsupported Spatial Reference

    This error driving me bananas. How do I get around it in order to post to ESRI Portal.   Share as Web Layer Copy All Data   Error 0229 - Scene Uses Unsupported Spatial Reference   See attached ...
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  • Posting REST to AGOL

    Greetings,   Is it possible to post REST services to AGOL without ArcGIS Server??   I have posted to ArcGIS Server from ArcGIS Pro. How can you achieve this if the user doesn't have ArcGIS Manager only AG...
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  • Export a list of users by group in ArcGIS Online or Portal

    Here are the steps for exporting users of a group in ArcGIS Online or Portal to CSV. Launch Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online Navigate to the Users Toolset Click on Export Users to CSV At the top of the Export Users...
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  • Using the ArcGIS Online Assistant for Portal

    Hello,   We are trying to use the ArcGIS Online Assistant (https://ago-assistant.esri.com/) with our Portal. We are using Enterprise logins via SAML. In IE it will accept my Portal URL, but when I enter my usern...
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  • Enterprise Architectures IBM, REDHAT & ESRI

    Earlier this week, technology news was buzzing with the IBM purchase of Red Hat for $34 billion.  IBM has been a big data consultant in partnership with ESRI for many years.  Red Hat is the designer of the ...
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  • Limiting Map Packages to a given number of layers

    Hello, we would like to use the 'Share as Map Package' tool, however, we'd like to limit the amount of layers that can be added. We don't want users to create a shared map package utilizing all the data layers in...
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  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Personal Use License Istallation Problem

    Hi, I have downloaded and installed ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Personal Use License. When I the program a window pops up on my desktop and asks for my ArcGIS online account info so that my information can be accessed. Ne...
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  • 3 Ways Admin Tools for Portal Will Make Your Life Easier

    let’s take a look at just a few things that Admin Tools for Portal can do to help you out! View Item Dependencies Do you ever have a layer that you aren’t sure if you can delete it or not without breaking ...
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  • Writing queries in AGOL

    Hi, Is there a way I can write queries to find the distinct value from a data set from a layer. Basically I need to find the count of distinct value of an attribute in AGOL. Thanks, Amit Prakash
  • Features disappear after digitized in AGOL/Collector

    I have a hosted feature layer, and was experiencing issues where someone would add a feature in a web browser or in Collector, but it would not save to the feature layer upon ending the edit session.   I discove...
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