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What effect will the W3C Web Authentication (WebAuthn) draft specification have on Portal/Enterprise GIS tier authentication?
Here are the steps for exporting users of a group in ArcGIS Online or Portal to CSV. Launch Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online Navigate to the Users Toolset Click on Export Users to CSV At the top of the Export Users to CSV dialogue box create a filter by clicking the green circle with the +. In the filter, choose "Group is {group name}" and… (Show more)
When trying to add a user to certain groups, I get the following error:   Unable to add the user to the group. They may not have the privileges necessary to join this group, or may already be a member in the maximum number of groups (512).   This user is a Creator (Level 2) and is part of my organization account. It seems like it's only certain… (Show more)
Hello,     We have Datastore configured in HA with Primary and Standby servers (v10.5.1). It had replication issue and finally it was resolved and now Changing Roles(Active/Standby) are working fine. However, when I try to take backup of datastore, it fails for Relational with a following message:- arcgis data store backup failed. error 'failed… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello, base map thumbnails don't display if application and web map is shared for a group (even to admin). If it is shared for everyone, it's OK. Thumbnail pictures are in the right folder. Group of basemaps is shared for everyone.     Other users have the same problem ( at the end) Can someone… (Show more)
Is there a means to generate a report which lists the arcgis online users and groups and the maps, apps and layers they have access to?
Click to view contentI have a web map on ArcGIS online and I am trying to use 2 unique values for my erosion control sites. I want to use Permit Status and Compliance level as my attributes that determine symbology. The first entry has all attributes available. The 2nd selection only has creation date, edit date, etc...  Is there a way to get it to allow me to use… (Show more)
I am an administrator on my organization account and have full access when I go to the organization page. But when I log into my.esri it says I have no organization connected.  When I request to make the connection, it does not send me an email to do anything with it says it is pending but there is nothing I can do to connect. In the meantime I… (Show more)
Hola, tengo una duda en cuanto a la gestión de usuarios en los servicios publicados.   Situación: - Tengo un servicio de mapas publicado en AGOL. - Tengo activada la opción de tracking en la GDB del server.  - Trabajo con la aplicación de Collector.   El problema es que no registra el nombre de los usuarios y siempre aparece "esri_anonymous",… (Show more)
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