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We want to enable our customers to be able to build their own Portal websites using the portal Sites app. However we do not want to grant Admin privileges to User level customers. Is there a way to let customers build sites in the Portal Sites app, without granting admin rights?
I apologize if a similar question has already been asked/answered.   I have a number of staff in my agency that have not accepted their invitation for ArcGIS Online within the 2 weeks the invitation is valid. What are most folks doing to resend the invitation? Delete the account and recreate it? Treat it like someone is requesting a password… (Show more)
In an ArcGIS Online account, how do you simply print out a list of members and their Roles?  It would be a nice feature to add.
Is anyone using Geojobe for administration of Portal for ArcGIS? Saw them posting in a geonet thread about deployment of items from one portal to another and subsequently sat through an impressive demo.   Specifically, I would be interested in feedback around installation and maintenance of the product. I think feature and functionality speak for… (Show more)
Is there a means to generate a report which lists the arcgis online users and groups and the maps, apps and layers they have access to?
Hi folks, I have a hosted tile layer that I created from a hosted feature layer within our Portal Environment.  I would like to know if the hosted tile layer is automatically updated when the the feature layer is updated or do I have to recreate the hosted tile layer each time?  I check within Server Manager and there is no option to rebuild.  Any… (Show more)
I have an ExportExcelFile geoprocessing service developed in ArcPy and I want the user to get the download file URL returned so that they can click on the link and download the Excel file.   The geoprocessing service is called from a Portal Web App Geoprocessing widget.   I can get the string result but that needs to be copied and pasted into… (Show more)
Hi everyone. Which tools are recommended for testing applications developed using ESRI Web portal? Thank you
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