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I've tried copying the new storymaps, but it throws an error when you try to open or edit the copied storymap. For now I am only trying to do this within my organisation, but we may want to copy storymaps to a different organisation in future. Is this possible in Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online & Portal? Do you need the pro version?
About the Automated Password Account, I want to know new ideas to improve the security access and also to passwords administration at the Portal ESRI-company   arcgis - portal 
Greetings,   Is it possible to post REST services to AGOL without ArcGIS Server??   I have posted to ArcGIS Server from ArcGIS Pro. How can you achieve this if the user doesn't have ArcGIS Manager only AGOL??
Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me change the Enterprise sign in button text that shows our Organization name. I've attached the screen shot. It shows our org name twice. I've looked at all the org settings and don't see where this is being pulled from. Even more confusing is that it was fine for a long time and then one day it showed the… (Show more)
Hey All, I have One machine running windows 10 with ArcGIS Server 10.7.1    I have successfully install and configured a portal on that machine    After doing so:  I have installed web adaptor and successfully configured it to use the server Web adaptor name: wa… (Show more)
I am trying to use Search widget with ArcGIS Online and Configure with default Esri World Geocoder Service but when simply searching with UTM coordinates is not locating correctly , some location not responding or locating wrong locations ,   I am Able to search with -13046165.572, 4036389.847 : 102100 format with entering WKID with XY. using… (Show more)
How to view Item dependencies (relationships) in ArcGIS Online using Admin tools for ArcGIS℠ Online (Pro) or (Portal).   Answer questions such as: How many web maps and web apps are dependent on a specific service? If I delete this service what web maps and web apps will be affected? What web maps are supporting your web applications? What…
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I am trying to understand what happens to an ArcGIS Online named user when it is deleted from our org.  I'm asking because I recently deleted one, and now need to add it back into our org.  But I can't.  It apparently still exists, since I get a message saying it's not available to add to our org.  And I can add that named user to a group. But I… (Show more)
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