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I am trying to download and install patches (I haven't done it for awhile). I have ArcGIS Server version 2.2 and am running ArcMap 10.3.1. When I view the available patches they are numerous and do not always specify if it is directly for Server or Desktop, some are for both and so I wonder what version of the patch do I download and install then?… (Show more)
Hi, just getting going with ArcGIS Online.  I am a member in a group, not the Administrator and I do not have any Administrator privileges. I am creating Map Applications for my group and I am working with the Print Widget. I am using Default Layout:  Letter ANSI A Landscape. I have two questions: 1.  Is there a way to change the font size of… (Show more)
Hello,   We are trying to use the ArcGIS Online Assistant ( with our Portal. We are using Enterprise logins via SAML. In IE it will accept my Portal URL, but when I enter my username and password I get the error: "Whoops! Double check your username and password." In Google Chrome it won't accept my portal URL as… (Show more)
Hi, How can my clients that are non-Esri users access my AGOL maps please? I would like to invite them to view the maps and data I have created. I have set up a specific group for my client and intend to invite specific people to this. Many thanks Andy
Hi team, We have an organisation with over 230 AGOL users. Is there an easy way to export the list of ArcGIS Online users with their user-level into Excel or another table format from the Administration page, so that their names can be checked against current staff lists? I've checked a few forums but can't seem to find any answers. Thanks,… (Show more)
The first issue that came up was that the Certificate was not recognize. I saved this to my machine and imported it to all tabs of the Certificate Authority. I also realized that the link being used didn't have the FQDN. When I entered this it seemed to correct the Initial Certificate Error which was thought to be the issue.    As it turns out… (Show more)
We have publically shared features in AGOL. I do not want anyone to be able to download the features.  How do I prevent this?
Portal for ArcGIS10.5 is not loading home page, but able to access PortalAdmin not giving any log information.  while doing inspect below error we are getting    error: 1) SCRIPT1009: Expected '}' File: config.js, Line: 95, Column: 5           2) SCRIPT5022: xhrFailed   File: dojo.js, Line: 19, Column: 410   Please help to resolve this issue
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