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Dear All,   I need your help and suggestion. I am building WebGIS application by using WebApp Builder. This WebGIS application is available to every one. There is no restriction related to authentication.   In this application I am supposed to give option for the user to add his location (points on the map). The location added by one user… (Show more)
let’s take a look at just a few things that Admin Tools for Portal can do to help you out! View Item Dependencies Do you ever have a layer that you aren’t sure if you can delete it or not without breaking a bunch of web maps? Well, using Admin Tools for Portal’s “View Item Dependencies” tool, you can quickly visualize every single web map that… (Show more)
Hello,   We are trying to use the ArcGIS Online Assistant ( with our Portal. We are using Enterprise logins via SAML. In IE it will accept my Portal URL, but when I enter my username and password I get the error: "Whoops! Double check your username and password." In Google Chrome it won't accept my portal URL as… (Show more)
I have commonly encountered questions regarding the downloading of attachments (e.g. pictures and documents) from ArcGIS Online Feature Layers. The aim of this is to provide an alternative solution to what's currently on offer.   Firstly, the only way attachments are included when exporting data via ArcGIS Online is when exporting as a File… (Show more)
Would like to #print a map in meters in the map view of ArcGis Online#. As it is now, it is only possible to print in km, which is not particularly useful. A great desire to do this.   Skulle vilja kunna skriva ut en karta i meterskala i kartvyn i ArcGis Online. Som det är nu funkar det endast att skriva ut i km, vilket inte är särskilt… (Show more)
Hi, Is there a way I can write queries to find the distinct value from a data set from a layer. Basically I need to find the count of distinct value of an attribute in AGOL. Thanks, Amit Prakash
Hi,   I try to add an entreprise user with SAML. My enterprise login has composed with only 3 characters. But the policy to create a new user require 6 characters at least. How to bypass this policy ? Or should I configure my Identity Provider to be able to log in with the email instead of the Name ?   xle
Quelle est la procédure pour qu'une application Web d'ARc GIS Online puisse être vue sur un site Web, sans que les utilisateurs n'aient besoin d'une connexion ArcGIS Online!
I am trying to Geocode  a CSV file ( < 1000 US addresses) with  the following fields: Street , City, State, Postal, and Country in ArcGIS online. The same procedure I did in ArcGIS Desktop too. I have reasonable difference in both files. ArcGIS online does not give the Postal  and State field in the geocoding file and have lot of positional… (Show more)
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