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As an administrator, why can't you see when someone last used an InSight License similar to Pro? Seems like something you should offer (I'm at 10.5.1)
Presently we are doing survey for household properties and we have to prepare symbology i.e. to get an info for the households whose survey is "COMPLETED" or "NOT COMPLETED" as per the image below:     The issue I am facing is that everyday we get a new excel which gives info for the polygons in which survey is "COMPLETED" and "NOT COMPLETED"… (Show more)
by Amy Niessen, John Gravois, and Patrick Hammons   We tend to host our GeoDev Webinars in the middle of the month, in the middle of the week. This helps make it easy for our developer community to make themselves available for a webinar and encourage the likelihood of attendance. We had no such problems getting the developer community to sign up… (Show more)
Is there a way to batch move a selected set up user accounts from level 2 to level 1.  I have about 200 accounts I need to move to level 1.  I haven't found a way in the ArcGIS API for python nor in the Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online. 
I'm trying to set it up so in my organization when we add a new member the default settings are Level 1 and the role User.  Is there a place to configure this for the organization? 
Is there a way to use python, arcpy, the admin tools, or something else to help you figure out what license level and extensions you have licensed? I'm trying to write something that will read a list of my AGS's and search for the keycodes file on each server, read the contents, and provide me a report on what licenses I have registered for that… (Show more)
Dear All,   I need your help and suggestion. I am building WebGIS application by using WebApp Builder. This WebGIS application is available to every one. There is no restriction related to authentication.   In this application I am supposed to give option for the user to add his location (points on the map). The location added by one user… (Show more)
let’s take a look at just a few things that Admin Tools for Portal can do to help you out! View Item Dependencies Do you ever have a layer that you aren’t sure if you can delete it or not without breaking a bunch of web maps? Well, using Admin Tools for Portal’s “View Item Dependencies” tool, you can quickly visualize every single web map that… (Show more)
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