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How can I control the content to be displayed in an application (web app builder) or in enterprise sites, according to the user who logs in? Is it possible to do this? Could they serve the proxies? I appreciate your help. Thank you.    
Hi,   I recently used ArcGIS online assistant to move a map over from AGOL to Portal.    I am receiving the following error and it is very annoying-    "The layer could not be loaded." The thing is, I can see all of the layers that should be there. What Layer? "The" Layer? What does that mean? 
Pop-ups are very helpful to non GIS professionals.  Please.....please modify this so we can determine the order, and customize it to our end users.  I recently created a city council district map and added a "Data-Enrichment" layer that showed detailed demographics.  I would prefer that my simple popup for the council ward shows first with very… (Show more)
Does a method, script or 3rd-party app exist to obtain more specific detail from the AGOL activity log? We have a need to obtain the date & time stamp associated with each each user's activity. Similar to what is attached. BTW, we do not have Portal.   Thanks!
Hi Folks We have received the following error trying to access our ArcGIS Portal:   'Software Authorization The Portal for ArcGIS licenses may be expired. Check the license and try again'   We have checked our licensing on My Esri and all our subscriptions seem up to date and authorised.  However we also have had our credentials rejected and… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello,   I have created a Story Map Series in the tabbed format.  I know you can add images into your text box (on the left) however I would like to add a fixed image on top of my interactive map that will be anchored and will not move when panning through my interactive map.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  Please see attached image for… (Show more)
hello everyone, I have a question I am trying to share a multipatch file in the portal for arcgis I can share it see it in the list of my content but when opening it in a scene it is not shown and the error appears: "service not found" I am sharing with arcgis pro 2.2 towards the federated portal, I will attach an image so you can understand me… (Show more)
Hi I need some help, I have tried to create an application by using ArcGIS online Web App builder and i have faced some little problems when i tried to lunch it so that it can create an interface for the users on other computers, But at the beginning it was opening, but the suddenly it stopped opening from other computers unless you login first… (Show more)
Earlier this week, technology news was buzzing with the IBM purchase of Red Hat for $34 billion.  IBM has been a big data consultant in partnership with ESRI for many years.  Red Hat is the designer of the Linux server operating system and has also supported modern ESRI enterprise services for many years as well (since 9.3) .  This announcement… (Show more)
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