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Greetings,   Last days our Portalgis has had problems loading sections of the page, but only with Google Chrome, Mozilla works without problem.   Chrome charges the main page of Portalgis, but "Content", "Organization", "Groups" keep in blank.   Chrome Version: 67.0.3396.99 (Official build) (64 bits) AGS Version: has ARCGIS 10.4… (Show more)
Hello, we would like to use the 'Share as Map Package' tool, however, we'd like to limit the amount of layers that can be added. We don't want users to create a shared map package utilizing all the data layers in the gdb. For example, if there are 30 layers in the gdb. Can we set a limited for only 10 layers to be included in the shared package;… (Show more)
Hi,   I was just wondering how I would go about adding custom templates in the thumbnail generator. Currently there is no templates there which is a bit odd since the webinar recordings showed some to be there. I am able to make and apply templates but there is no way for me to save them for use later.   Thanks
How do you find the ArcGIS Portal content directory? The directory as shown in PortalAdmin -> System -> Directories -> content is encrypted.
I noticed on a certain date a large influx of my storage credits started being consumed. Is there a way so isolate all the items that were added that date as a report or something similar?
Hi, I have downloaded and installed ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Personal Use License. When I the program a window pops up on my desktop and asks for my ArcGIS online account info so that my information can be accessed. Next I enter my information for my account that I purchased the ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Personal Use License through and after… (Show more)
We are pleased to share that, once again, our team of GIS innovators will be exhibiting at the annual Esri User Conference. The crew will be showcasing ArcGIS Online solutions, UAV services, and GEOPowered Cloud Managed Services for ArcGIS at the 2018 International ESRIUC. Our team is looking forward to spending the week in San Diego and sharing… (Show more)
How do I host this service?  I've installed ArcGIS Server and Portal.  How do I set this up in Portal?  i.e. http://myServer/sharing/rest/content/features/generate   Thanks!    
Hello,   We are trying to use the ArcGIS Online Assistant ( with our Portal. We are using Enterprise logins via SAML. In IE it will accept my Portal URL, but when I enter my username and password I get the error: "Whoops! Double check your username and password." In Google Chrome it won't accept my portal URL as… (Show more)
I am trying to download and install patches (I haven't done it for awhile). I have ArcGIS Server version 2.2 and am running ArcMap 10.3.1. When I view the available patches they are numerous and do not always specify if it is directly for Server or Desktop, some are for both and so I wonder what version of the patch do I download and install then?… (Show more)
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