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I have a map created in ArcGIS desktop and imported into Pro, and I need to publish it via Pro but when I went to "SHARE" it's not populating the required options needed to publish it as a service. Does anyone know why?
In an ArcGIS Online account, how do you simply print out a list of members and their Roles?  It would be a nice feature to add.
Hi,        I am trying to enable editing for a feature layer I published through ArcMap but when I look at the edit page in Portal contents, there is no option to enable editing (or sync, export data, etc). If I load the data directly from my computer as a zipped shapefile then I am able to view the enable editing options and then edit the layer… (Show more)
Please I would like to know if there is a new and easier way to achieve the transfer of map services from one ArcGIS server machine to another ArcGIS server machine. I have over 400 map services to transfer. Some two years back I was able to achieve this using the discomap.ServiceTransferTool that i found on this forum and the transfer was made… (Show more)
I created a point layer, and it is published to our Portal App. I want to create a Heat map, but the option is not available. How can I get that option?
I am updating to the new Collector for ArcGIS app and I noticed that when I create a location profile to correct the data I'm collecting it is only saved under my username. Is there a way to create a location profile for my enterprise account on AGOL and push it out to my users who will be collecting data this season? I'm trying to avoid having to… (Show more)
Is there a way to customize the ArcGIS Hub search feature so that the various search categories (Initiatives, Data, Documents, Apps & Maps) do not appear when when the user clicks the search bar?
Hi all,   We have a problem here, We have config the arcgis server and portal for arcgis in a single machine. Where portal for arcgis is config with web adaptar in http 80 port & https 443 and Arcgis server manager is config with web adaptar in http 81 port & https 447. Since when we assigned the domain name we made reverse proxy for the Portal… (Show more)
Hello,   We are trying to use the ArcGIS Online Assistant ( with our Portal. We are using Enterprise logins via SAML. In IE it will accept my Portal URL, but when I enter my username and password I get the error: "Whoops! Double check your username and password." In Google Chrome it won't accept my portal URL as… (Show more)
How can I control the content to be displayed in an application (web app builder) or in enterprise sites, according to the user who logs in? Is it possible to do this? Could they serve the proxies? I appreciate your help. Thank you.    
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