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i have a toolbox in my project that refuses to go away.  it is a duplicate of the correct toolbox, it is invalid, it has a date with the year 1600 (pretty sure Esri wasn't around then), and i cannot delete it.   the problem is that when i go to make a new project package in the share tab i run analyze and it gives me an error because of this… (Show more)
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When connected to DB using Operating system authentication or Database authentication, the changes I make are posted as SA.  in Geodatabase Administration\Connection either way shows my connection as my User Name.  Changes I make get posted as SA when I look at attributes.
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Can a file geodatabase created in 10.5 be opened in 10.3.1? Thanks,
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The first issue that came up was that the Certificate was not recognize. I saved this to my machine and imported it to all tabs of the Certificate Authority. I also realized that the link being used didn't have the FQDN. When I entered this it seemed to correct the Initial Certificate Error which was thought to be the issue.    As it turns out… (Show more)
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En el administrador tengo la extensión GA autorizada (Yes (Package)) pero al intentar ejecutar la Interpolación IDW me dice que no tengo la licencia necesaria. ¿Cómo puedo hacer para usar el GA IDW y otras herramientas? Gracias!
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I want to make saved views of the data my contractor has edited in SQL Server Management Studio so I can delegate watching a contractor's progress to a person who can just see it in front of them easily.  The contractor's data is in a child version.  I can seem to make a query that works but not a view that I can save within the database.  This is… (Show more)
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hi  can help to downlaod free arcgoogle map 
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