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I am attempting to add all the users in my org to a group.  I have been able to select the group (in this case it is called 'Nearmap'). My difficulty is in trying to select all the users. What is the command for that?  Also what is the command to then add all those users to the group 'Nearmap'?
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Hello,   I have signed up for the trial version of Arcmap but have not received any Authorization code. Does anyone know where I can find this code?
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Hi after two days using ArcGIS Pro (everything works properly) I can´t open my ArcGIS Pro anymore. Error message is timestamp invalid. I tried to reinstall program but with same result - timestamp invalid. Anyone suggestion how to fix this bug?
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I tried to open ArcMap 4.1 but the program wouldn't open and I got the error message shown below. Does anyone know of a fix to this issue that doesn't involve a program reinstallation?  
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Hi There - I'm trying to import data store from ArcGIS server version to   Export from source data store was successful   Here is the import command used: C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\tools>importmanageddb prod_backup_09302017 --source-loc F:\backup --data-dir F:\arcgisdatastore --server-admin admin… (Show more)
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I have a piece of software that will pull specific file information from an entire directory and write it into an excel spreadsheet.  When set up as a hyperlink, the resulting [Path]+[FileName] in the excel spreadsheet works perfectly as a hyperlink, retrieving the file (regardless if it's document or image).  In Access, I can import this to a… (Show more)
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I recently made a schema change to a feature class with editor tracking enabled.  I exported my data to a feature class in a different database, made the change, then used Load Objects to bring the data back in.  When I brought the data back in, all the editor tracking fields changed to the date and time of the load.  I didn't think ahead of time… (Show more)
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