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I am looking for the Patch Finder for Windows ArcGIS Desktop version 10.4.x.
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Hi,  How could we retrieve just usernames from list? I am trying to compare users between Azure active directory and built-in users. I just need the usernames but not the entire list comprehension. Thanks    -Naresh Aligeti   python api portal portal for arcgis adminstration
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i have a toolbox in my project that refuses to go away.  it is a duplicate of the correct toolbox, it is invalid, it has a date with the year 1600 (pretty sure Esri wasn't around then), and i cannot delete it.   the problem is that when i go to make a new project package in the share tab i run analyze and it gives me an error because of this… (Show more)
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When connected to DB using Operating system authentication or Database authentication, the changes I make are posted as SA.  in Geodatabase Administration\Connection either way shows my connection as my User Name.  Changes I make get posted as SA when I look at attributes.
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Can a file geodatabase created in 10.5 be opened in 10.3.1? Thanks,
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