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Hi - I've done geocoding a lot in the past, but never reverse geocoding. I have a shapefile that has lat/longs and an ID, and when I try to reverse geocode, the fields returned are blank. My data is projected. My address locator is "Street_Addresses_US". Any thoughts as to why? Thanks so much!
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Hi! Hoping I can get some guidance on this. I am getting a discrepancy between using a buffer and a point distance approach. What I am trying to do is to see if there are industries located within one mile of patients' homes. I have coordinates for the homes and coordinates for the industries and have mapped them in ArcMap. I then created a one… (Show more)
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I am using ArcGIS 10.4.1 for desktop on a x64-based PC. When I use the Find (binoculars) tool in ArcMap, it seems to freeze and crash. I am able to search for an address, locate the address, and select it from the results, but when I go to right-click on the address (to zoom-to) the tool locks up and crashes.   Any ideas as to why?
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