• Operations Dashboard - ADA Compliance?

    Have any steps been made to make Operations Dashboard ADA Compliant? I wanted to publish a dashboard to our website but it's missing quite a few components such as hover text, the ability to use keyboards for navigati...
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  • Setting up an accessible search for projects by Ward with Hub

    Function Required: Accessible search that enables users to select a ward and get project results as a count,  as a text list and  filtered in a map. Data available: Department of Transportation street ...
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  • Logitech MX Master horizontal scroll wheel for attribute table in ArcGIS Pro

    Hello   I am running ArcGIS Pro 2.5. I routinely work with attribute tables that are many columns wide and have a Logitech MX Master mouse that has a horizontal scroll wheel on it. I have the Logitech Options in...
  • Alt text for audio/video not saving in the Classic Story Map Cascade?

    I cannot get alt text for audio/video items to save in the Classic Story Map Cascade Web App. I enter it, click the check box, go back an check it, and it's there. Until I save my changes in the builder. Then it vanis...
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  • I just purchased a ARCGIS Pro subscription under my account and when I log in the message says  "YOUR ACCOUNT COULD NOT BE USED TO AUTHORIZED ARC GIS PRO BECUASE IT IS AN ARC GIS PUBLIC ACCOUNT"   1. WHAT DOES IT MEAN  2.. I PURCHASED A SUBSCRITTION AND I

    I just purchased a ARCGIS Pro subscription under my account and when I log in the message says "YOUR ACCOUNT COULD NOT BE USED TO AUTHORIZED ARC GIS PRO BECUASE IT IS AN ARC GIS PUBLIC ACCOUNT" 1. WHAT DOES IT M...
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  • Building an accessible product: Our journey so far

    Apurva Shah and Alison Sizer writes...    What is accessibility Before we dive into what web accessibility means, let’s first understand whataccessibility in general means. Accessibility...
  • Wms link -failed to connect to the server error

    I am currently working on a project and i am trying to add a WMS link from  the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service into ArcMap  on version 10.8  but it does not open (failed to connect to the ...
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  • Esri UC2020 Accessibility Related Sessions

    If you are attending the 2020 Esri User Conference this year and want to know more about Accessibility, attend these sessions:   User Conference On-Demand Session: Understanding Accessibility: Learn How to Desig...
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  • At Esri, Accessibility Is a User-Focused Endeavor

    “At Esri, our goal is to make GIS accessible to everyone,” said Dirk Gorter, Esri’s director of product management. “To that end, we design and implement our GIS products to be accessible to pe...
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  • Any idea whats causing these errors?

    I cannot do a simple UNION function using the shapefiles, into either a new shapefile or into a personal geodatabase
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  • Writing accessible story map content

    Shana Crosson writes...    "We’ve all become accustomed to having curb cuts in sidewalks. We use them for baby strollers, bikes and generally as a path of least resistance. Curb cuts were designed to ...
  • In Arcpro missing functionality on XY

    In ArcPro Go to XY it only functionality currently for ArcPro 2.5 is Pan to and Zoom to and Flash. In ArcPro 2.5 it's missing Add point, Add label point, and Add callout which is in  ArcGIS 10.xx . These function...
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  • Sharing information

    I got this information from an email at my work but wanted to share ...   Map Accessibility / Minnesota IT Services 
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  • Polylines being dropped when published to AGOL

    We have a line feature service on the local computer (built and run in gdb) that tracks specific underground laterals within our District.  Current local copy tracks 124 laterals.  When this file is shared u...
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  • Accessibility Sessions at Esri 2020 Federal GIS Conference

      Special Interest Group - "Accessibility (Section 508, WCAG & ADA)", Wed 2/12 from 11-12pm room 158A agenda link: https://federalgisconference2020.schedule.esri.com/schedule/1838578853 Workshop - "Improvin...
  • where can i find the help feature on arcgis pro

    how can i assess the help feature in arcgis Pro so i can search on how to use some of the tools. Am a newbie on arcgis pro 
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  • How can I make a completely keyboard accessible sketch widget?

    Hi all,   We are trying to make out web app more accessible, and I have a few questions for how to make our sketch tools keyboard accessible.   Firstly, is there a keyboard shortcut already for starting a ...
  • MapView focus on page load

    Hi there,   Strange problem: I have a web app and the DOM order goes as follows: 1. Sidebar/menu 2. MapView 3. Widgets   When I load the page and tab through the page, the focus skips number 1 in the or...
  • Help getting started with the a11y map template or WCAG Basic viewer

    Im trying to put together a ada resources and facilities web map for my work, ofc since it is a public institution we need any public facing sites to be Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliant.     I wasnt ...
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  • Accessibility of apps created in web app builder (UK)

    Hi   I have produced a map in WAB (developer edition) and our website team want to know about how accessible it is.   In terms of being responsive, it works well on all devices, although it is better when ...
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