• Building an accessible product: Our journey so far

    Apurva Shah and Alison Sizer writes...    What is accessibility Before we dive into what web accessibility means, let’s first understand whataccessibility in general means. Accessibility...
  • Esri UC2020 Accessibility Related Sessions

    If you are attending the 2020 Esri User Conference this year and want to know more about Accessibility, attend these sessions:   User Conference On-Demand Session: Understanding Accessibility: Learn How to Desig...
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  • At Esri, Accessibility Is a User-Focused Endeavor

    “At Esri, our goal is to make GIS accessible to everyone,” said Dirk Gorter, Esri’s director of product management. “To that end, we design and implement our GIS products to be accessible to pe...
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  • Writing accessible story map content

    Shana Crosson writes...    "We’ve all become accustomed to having curb cuts in sidewalks. We use them for baby strollers, bikes and generally as a path of least resistance. Curb cuts were designed to ...
  • Accessibility presentation at 2019 Esri User Conference

    Link to the slides: Accessible Web Mapping Apps  GitHub repo for the slides   I'll share the recording when it is available.
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  • Making an Accessible PDF

    Update: David Watkins from ArcMap tells me that ArcMap does allow you to author maps/basemaps and choose, colors, fonts, sizes, etc., which provides the tools needed to make a high contrast map and avoid col...
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  • Esri GeoDev Webinar: Web Accessibility Best Practices

    Wednesday, January 23, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (PST)   This webinar introduces the basics of web accessibility and its benefits to GIS professionals. We will provide an overview of the Web Content Accessibility G...
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  • Great Read:  Color Design for the Color Vision Impared

    A significant percentage of map users have impairments in distinguishing color. I would like to highlight an excellent article on colorblind friendly cartography:   Color Design for the Color Vision Impaired.1 ...
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  • ArcGIS Blog: Accessibility features in Story Map Journal and Story Map Series

    Owen Evans on the Story Maps team writes...   Accessibility is an important goal at Esri, and in recent ArcGIS Online updates the Story Map Journal and Story Map Series app received significant enhancements...
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  • Welcome to the Accessibility group - Let's get started!

    Welcome and thanks for joining the Accessibility group on GeoNet!  To get started we invite you to first review the group features on the overview page and familiarize yourself with the group info,...
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