Esri zLAS I/O library is available

Blog Post created by ccrawford-esristaff Employee on Apr 23, 2015

The Esri zLAS I/O library is a C++ runtime library that provides API access for reading and writing Esri Optimized LAS (*.zlas) format files as well as converting between zLAS and LAS. It is out of beta and available to the general public in final form.



  • Convert zLAS files into LAS files. LAS is an ASPRS industry standard format for lidar data.
  • Convert LAS files into zLAS files.
  • Read zLAS into memory buffers as LAS formatted data (e.g., header record, point data records).
  • Read zLAS into structs for easy interpretation of LAS information.


Find it, along with more information, on GitHub: Esri/esri-zlas-io-library · GitHub