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Hello, I am trying to get the attributes of a multipatch feature on click on a BuildingSceneLayer which is published,but the attributes of the sub layer are not being returned in the graphic even though the outfields are made as ["*"] for the Building Scene Layer.
in 3D Mapping
Using ArcGIS pro. I have 9 las files which i combined into one LAS dataset. Wanted to clip the las dataset/points based on a shapefile. I tried the Extract LAS tool but it kept failing. I could view the LAS dataset and create DSMs and DTMs with it. Seems like the problem lies with the Extract LAS too.
in 3D Mapping
I am new to using these files and want to clip one using a polygon.  I thought the Extract LAS tool in 3D analyst would accomplish this.  When I try it, the tool gives no indication of an error and I obtain output, but the extent of the output .las file is the same as that of the input file.  Neither of them will draw on the screen, but I assume… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
Does anyone have any rule packages for good-looking vinyl siding that they can share with me?    OR, can anyone offer guidance as to how I could easily create my own vinyl siding texture for my condo multi-patch features?    Thanks much in advance either way
in 3D Mapping
Seems like ArcMap is not accepting the line that I draw.  I also tried a TIN converted from the NED.
in 3D Mapping
I'm attempting to share a multipatch scene layer from Pro into AGOL. However, I'm getting an error from the Job Queue stating 'Unknown map tile cache creation status returned'.    When I attempt to open the layer in the scene viewer, I'm getting the error 'Scene service is missing root node'.    A few other notes: the layers WKID is 4326 (GCS… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
Click to view contentHello community, I'm trying to import a 3D file of * .dae format that is within the formats supported by the arcgis pro 2.2 which is the version I use, but when running the tool import 3D files it throws me the error that it is not a valid file (ERROR 050038: No Valid Files) because that may be happening if the format is set within the admitted,… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
I have a dem which I convert it to point file so that I can replace old points from River bed to new points elevation but unfortunately when I am converting shape file or dwg to raster again all the elevations become zero in attribute table.  Anyone knows any solution of it.  I have to modify the river bed profile so that I can use it in my… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
I am attempting to publish LiDAR data in a point cloud scene layer package to our R&D GIS portal. I have tried a some   workarounds to correct this problem but it persists. When I share & publish the .slpk file, it uploads successfully and provides a thumbnail image, but when I attempt to view it with scene viewer in portal I encounter a message… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
In CityEngine 2019.0 I tried to built a door into a house shape by using the create rectangle tool. Normally in CityEngine 2018 I just created that rectangle vertical at the specific wall of the shape. Now in CityEngine 2019.0 it is not possible anymore for me to create a rectangle vertical on the wall. Just the horizontal creation of a rectangle… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
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