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After upgrading to 10.5.1 operations that have worked successfully with extrude between now fail with the following message: Messages Executing: ExtrudeBetween lith4res_tin lith5res_tin areacols2 C:\phil\Dropbox\CEG8705\run2018\tins\oilpatch6.shp Start Time: Tue Feb 06 14:43:26 2018 ERROR 999999: Error executing function. The number of items… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
I have Lidar Dataset in WGS84, but for some reason when ever I try to create DTM, DSM and nDSM from it the tool fails. P.s I am using the Local Government 3D Basemap Solution to create 3D Buildings. lidar dataset digital surface model (dsm) local government 3d basemaps
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I found Smooth update of graphic on 3.x version. I wonder anybody attempted this  with version 4 with SceneView. I tried adding and removing Graphic . It looks blinking appearance.
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#3d mapping bathymetry #limnology Alaska GIS Users I want to calculate (or find data on) the volume facts of the larger lakes in Alaska (specifically in the National Parks.)  Is this data at the State of Alaska? or at other agencies?  Would our fancy new IfSAR collection be helpful/useless?  Coastal Mapping project?   I would appreciate a pointer… (Show more)
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We are currently in the process of capturing 32,000 km2 of aerial imagery and derived 1m DSM. Does anyone have a suggestion on the best method of making this data public.    We have Enterprise  
in 3D Mapping
Click to view contentI'm having a problem viewing topography in ArcGIS Pro 3D local scene. I have managed to get buildings 3D but I cannot seem to get a 3D basemap (ie with hills etc). I was following the instructions from DigiMap using their OS Terrain 5 DTM, which I imported using Add Present>Ground and selecting the asc file. However, when I go on map properties… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
I uploaded a CSV to AGOL and created a hosted Feature Layer (portal id 2d7dc54a7bf947d1bd3665786aca4d79 ) out of it: Then I click Publish > Scene Layer to create a hosted scene layer (portal id 98a0e0fede3543268757c6b7e89c5205):… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
Does anyone know how do I create the "aoi_park" as mentioned in the tutorial? You can see the "aoi_park" I refer to at the beginning of below video. The "aoi_park" is not a simple polygon, it's a Area Of Interest (AOI) layer in 3D format. I know how to create AOI in 2D, but not 3D. I created a 2D AOI and… (Show more)
in 3D Mapping
I want to produce a 3D digital model of a large portion of Northern India. I have imported DEM files into Arcgis Pro, contoured based on increments of 10, Feature to 3D by Attribute, then export to CAD. When I open the CAD file the contours are visible, but they appear to be exploded with no height. I was wondering if this had to do with the DEM… (Show more)
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