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Our organization recently implemented an asset management system for our utility departments.  The software is a decent product if an organization doesn't have an existing GIS.  We are already invested heavily into ESRI.  Needless to say the AMS software does not function well with our current GIS procedures.  I was recently told not to make… (Show more)
I need to move many polygons (building floors) that are close to my origin, to halfway across the hemisphere. Keeping scale etc untouched bar georeferencing. Hence affine transformation doesn't seem ideal. I have succeeded manually by calculating the x and y to 'move by' (using centroids difference between old building footprint polygons and new… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello, I have created an address locator where the reference data is a shapefile of county parcel data. I then geocoded utility service addresses using my custom locator, which worked quite well. However, I am having trouble relating the parcel APN (feature in shapefile) to the geocoded utility address attribute table. I have tried to select the… (Show more)
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I have over 100 georeferenced shape files that I created in a program we pay for called SOCET GXP. Is there anyway to export them as .obj or .stl files? My intent would be to 3D print these buildings in a way so they are referenced accordingly . I currently have licenses to ARCMAPS, and ARCPRO. I was able to convert the shapefile to a .obj file… (Show more)
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I really would like to customize my ESRI software to read MIDS-GIS be it the software i sell to my clients or products i do using my company account all to be accessed as MIDS-GIS instead of ArcGIS al how can i buy, or achieve that? I am in Uganda and I normally use Esri E.A in Nairobi when i need software. Yes I acknowledge that Esri is the… (Show more)
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What are the 3D Tools for Power lines?  The 3D Tools for Power lines solution is a collection of ArcGIS Pro tools that simplifies and automates the process of creating 3D visualizations of transmission and distribution lines. The results can be published and visualized in a 3D scene which can be easily shared with stakeholders or the public.   … (Show more)
What is the 3D Flood Impact solution?  The 3D Flood Impact solution can be used to visualize and assess the impact of a flooding event on the existing landscape. The result of the analysis can be visualized in a 3D scene or Operations Dashboard which can be easily shared with stakeholders.   … (Show more)
Make sure to check out the January 2019 release of the Local Government 3D basemap solution. This is a major release with a number of important updates:   40% reduction in steps required for elevation, 3D buildings, floors and 3D trees publishing. Faster processing speed when creating elevation layers. Faster processing speed when extracting and… (Show more)