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GIS Center student creates 3D-printed tactile campus map for Disability Services   tactile_map campus mapping nasa austin_peay_state_university braille disability_services 3d printing xyht magazine
This is an annotated rule file for City Engine to subdivide a block/ lot, generate a lawn within a front setback, and model an "o" form building (i.e. with central  courtyard). 
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Hello,   I used the old version of ArcGIS Indoors when it was still a zip file to download. I installed the new package from my esri, and I discovered that now I need an ArcGIS Entreprise to make it work, and I do not see in the help online if this would work with an existing GDB.   All my buildings are already in GIS format. With the previous… (Show more)
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August 13, 2019 Update: You can now watch the ArcGIS Urban seminar recording using the URL above. _______________________________________________________   In today's digital world, community leaders, stakeholders, and the public expect to find planning and project information online, presented in a way that anyone can understand. ArcGIS Urban… (Show more)
Our organization recently implemented an asset management system for our utility departments.  The software is a decent product if an organization doesn't have an existing GIS.  We are already invested heavily into ESRI.  Needless to say the AMS software does not function well with our current GIS procedures.  I was recently told not to make… (Show more)