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 RSS Story Map Tour: optimizing speed & responsive display?

RSS posted on behalf of GeoNet : All Content - Story Maps 3 years ago

    1.) App speed is inconstant, would like to ensure optimal loading & response time. We have very few map layers and using youtube video urls so not trying to upload images/videos. There’s currently only 9 points but will be increasing to 50+. Would self hosting help with overall app speed and time it takes for “loading data/installing tour”?  Some loading time is ok, but more concerned with slow speed when reader is interacting with app on mobile. 




    2.) Display. When accessed with arcgis link, the mobile display is ok but when you try to use the app (especially zoom in/out or pan) the app gets stuck and it’s very slow to interact with. Ideal situation is to embed app on website. Found embedded app works best on desktop but not well with mobile display. The embedded mobile version shrinks the map portion too small where you can't interact with it.  I've re-worked responsive html/css code for iframe on wordpress, and this adjusts iframe accordingly pending size of browser/device. But when I make the size beyond normal ratios to adjust map to what I’d like to see on mobile, it isn’t right on desktop. Any tips on embed correctly for any display? 




    For reference-


    Link to story map tour hosted by arcgis:




    And draft temporarily embedded on this website:

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