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 RSS Change the black banner in Cascade Story Map light theme to white?

RSS posted on behalf of GeoNet : All Content - Story Maps 3 years ago

    I need to change the banner in the light-themed Cascade Story Map to white for organizational style purposes.  I've tried modifying the json using AGOL assistant as well as adding custom css in the minified app code.  I can get most of the way there, but it doesn't look good.  I'm definitely a newb; any help is appreciated!










    "settings": {
    "theme": {
    "colors": {
    "id": "MyOrgStyle",
    "label": "Light",
    "themeMajor": "light",
    "themeContrast": "light",
    "bgMain": "#fff",
    "textMain": "#002d72",
    "selected": false

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