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 RSS Story Maps Developers' Corner: Move or Style the Story Action <BACK button in Map Journal

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    Owen Evans writes...




    Story Actions (see separate introductory blog post) are a useful feature of Map Journal. They are links that can be configured in the narrative panel that let your reader interact with a map on the main stage. You can configure story actions to move the map, toggle layers on or off, display a pop-up, or any combination of these changes. Actions can also display a different map, image, video, or web page in the main stage or link to other sections of the story. When a reader activates a story action, a  button appears at the top of the main stage that will return the main stage to its previous state. Readers use the  button when they are finished exploring the story action’s media.




    Read the full post to learn how to style the




    > Move or Style the Story Action







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