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RSS posted on behalf of GeoNet : All Content - Story Maps 2 months ago

    I am using the Short List Beta Story Map to show construction projects.   




    I started with using an ArcGIS Map Service in a Web Map.     This allowed me to specify what fields in the Feature Layer I wanted to use,  but once the Short List wizard completed it created a new web map with a copy of my data that was no longer editable which will be a problem as we want to edit and delete items.




    I then changed my approach to use a CSV uploaded to a web map using the Short List schema.    This allows me to remove the layer in the web map and then re-import the CSV to update the data.




    This latter option seems to work pretty well for updating the points but has some limitations in that I can't edit the text or add links or format the text once I load the CSV. 




    How are others working around this situation?




    I understand that I can download a copy of the older Short List app and customize it more,  but my preference would be to to use AGOL to host it.









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