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 RSS ArcGIS Ideas lets you vote on ideas for enhancements to the Story Map apps, or post your own

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    Did you know: ArcGIS Ideas are part Geonet?. You'll see link to ArcGIS Ideas in the Geonet navigation bar. In ArcGIS Ideas you can browse ideas for enhancements that other people have posted and vote for the ones you like. And of course you can post your own ideas. The teams at Esri monitor these ideas and use them as an important input for development planning. Ideas for Story Map app enhancements should be added into the ArcGIS Online category in ArcGIS Ideas.




    A few tips for submitting ideas about Story Maps to help make sure your voice is heard:



    • Do some searches first to see if the idea has already been submitted. Your idea may already have been submitted by someone else, so you can help boost that existing idea by voting for it rather than submitting a duplicate.


    • Don't submit multiple issues or requests for features in one ArcGIS idea post: post a separate idea for each enhancement so they can be voted on and managed individually.

    • It's OK if you post an enhancement request into the Story Maps space (i.e the one you are currently reading) as a question, and also post it as an idea in ArcGIS Ideas. This will help ensure people see it. In your post in this space, you could include a link to the ArcGIS Idea you posted, or to an existing ArcGIS Idea someone else posted, to encourage people to vote for the idea.


    • If your idea applies to a particular Story Map app template, be sure to specify the name of the app in the title of the idea, e.g. "Story Map Series". Don't just say "Story Maps should..." if the idea only applies to a particular Story Map app. 


    • Your idea may apply to more than just Story Maps. For example if you think it would be good if the thumbnails for Story Map apps were created automatically when you create your story, that could be considered a generic enhancement that would apply to the whole ArcGIS platform. You could see if that idea already exists and vote on it rather than submitting it specifically for Story Maps.










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