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 RSS Technical note about an issue with Story Map Shortlist beta

RSS posted on behalf of GeoNet : All Content - Story Maps 5 months ago

    Hi all




    With the help of Geonetters on this forum (yay Geonetters!), my colleague Mark Cooney was able to track down the following issue in the Story Map Shortlist beta. If you are an author of a story map using the Shortlist beta app, or if you have a colleague who is, we want to let you know about the issue. This affects you if you will be doing additional edits to your Shortlist places interactively in the Shortlist Builder and can result in you losing places you've added to your story.




    If your Shortlist contains multiple tabs and you either delete one or more places from the first tab, or move one or more places from the first tab into one of the other tabs, this can result in the places in all the other tabs disappearing from your Builder session. There's no notification that those places are no longer present in the other tabs in your Shortlist, and you'll only notice it if you visit those tabs. If this happens to you, do not press Save in the Shortlist Builder. Instead close the window browser window containing the Shortlist Builder without saving changes to your Shortlist. Your places will be OK the next time you open the Shortlist.




    Workaround: If you need to delete place(s) from the first tab in your Shortlist, or move place(s) from the first tab in a Shortlist to one of the other tabs, then please do the following. Before making those changes, make sure you click on one of the other tabs (not the first one) in your Shortlist first. Then go back to the first tab and make your edit(s). After making your edits to the first tab, you should still check that your other tabs contain their places before you press Save. Do not press Save if the tabs are empty. In other words, always double-check that your tabs are OK before you Save. Remember that in the Shortlist Builder, the tabs always show you all the places in your Shortlist, irrespective of the current extent of your Shortlist map. This is the case in the Builder irrespective of whether or not your Shortlist tabs show all places, or just the ones in the current extent, when it is viewed by your end users. So in the Shortlist Builder if a tab in which you have defined places appears empty in the Builder, it is happening because of this bug, not because you are zoomed into a location on your map where there are no places.




    The next release of the Shortlist app, at the end of June, will have a fix for this issue.




    Tip: Even with the workaround above, we recommend that you make a backup of the places in your Shortlist before doing any further edits. You don't have to do this but it can help protect your work. A Shortlist stores its places in a layer in a web map, so you can make a backup copy of the places in your Shortlist by saving a copy of that web map. If you created your Shortlist from scratch without using an existing web map, the Shortlist Builder automatically created a web map for you in which places are stored, and named it the same as your Shortlist. If you shared an existing web map as a Shortlist, that web map is used to store the places, unless you chose the option to import existing point features from that web map into your Shortlist, in which case the Shortlist created a copy of your original web map and appended 'Shortlist Builder' to its name. In all cases, you can make a copy of the web map in which the Shortlist is storing your places in the following way. First close your Shortlist if it is open in the Builder. Then from My Content in ArcGIS Online, open the web map used by your Shortlist in the ArcGIS Online map viewer. Finally choose Save As to make a copy of the map. If you need to, you will be able to regenerate a Shortlist from this backup copy of the web map by creating a Shortlist from it and following the steps you see to import the places it contains.




    As a general note, you should not attempt to edit or change the layer called 'Shortlist layer' in your Shortlist's web map. That's the layer in which the Shortlist stores your places. If you try editing that layer directly in your web map to modify your Shortlist, it can cause issues in your Shortlist, including loss of data.




    Note: the issue above doesn't apply to you if you created your Shortlist using a web map containing point features and using the 'as-is' workflow. In this workflow, the places in your Shortlist are defined and updated via your web map, not by editing places interactively in the Shortlist Builder. When you use the 'as-is' workflow, you edit and manage your places by editing your web map directly, so no place editing takes place in the Shortlist Builder. The 'as-is's workflow is popular with GIS folks who want to manage and update their Shortlist places outside of the interactive builder. For example, with this workflow you can manage all your places in an Excel spreadsheet and then refresh your Shortlist with the latest version of that data. See this FAQ for more info about that workflow.




    Sorry about the issue. 








    New to Shortlist and want to find out more about it (despite this bug)? See the Story Map Shortlist overview on the Story Maps website. 

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