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 RSS Trouble with linking to web pages using Story Map Journal app

RSS posted on behalf of GeoNet : All Content - Story Maps 6 months ago

    I'm new to building story maps, and am having trouble building links to web pages on the main stage using the Story Map Journal app. I work at a university and find that, while university web content in our CMS system displays properly, none of our non-CMS web pages appear--the main stage area in the Journal app just displays a loading symbol. Thinking that the pages I'm trying to load might have unsupported HTML, I've tried creating the simplest of test pages with only a line of text and an image and they don't load either--however, I can load the image from such pages if I link directly to the image. Exploring the possibility that there is some kind of security setting with our University's web server that is making trouble, I also loaded the same test web page on a commercial web hosting service, and it didn't load from that source either, though once again I could link directly to my test image.




    I'd appreciate suggestions that might address this issue. 

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