Improving efficiency of water shutdowns with out-of-the-box capabilities

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Thursday, May 23, 2019 at Free Online Webinar

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Sammamish Plateau Water® has been serving communities for more than 70 years. Located 15 miles east of Seattle, Washington, this water and sewer district provides clean, reliable drinking water to more than 64,000 residents and sewer service to more than 48,000 people.


In 2018, Sammamish Plateau Water had more than 30 planned water shutdowns. Each shutdown began with a meeting involving the engineering, operations, field service, and customer service departments. Before the meeting, the engineer/project manager would create a paper map identifying the location of the shutdown, the valves to close in order to perform the shutdown, and the number of customers affected by the shutdown. After each meeting, each department would conduct further research regarding their responsibilities for the shutdown. The process was not efficient and there were struggles to communicate across the various teams.


In this webinar you will learn how Sammamish Plateau Water utilized Esri out-of-the-box capabilities to improve overall efficiency of their water shutdowns.


Using five applications they were able to provide:


• Engineers with improved planning capabilities.
• Operations and field services an easy way to verify valves, meters, and customers.
• Customer service with a customer list to distribute shutdown notifications.
• Customers with an application showing outage areas, who was affected, and for how long.
• A self-help editing environment for engineers to update outage information, eliminating the need for requesting help from GIS.
• A Hydrant Outage map for local fire departments.


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