The MOOC Student’s Guide to Esri and ArcGIS Online Credentials

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Be Sure you are Registered!


To have full access to our courses you must be a registered student. To register, find the course here and click the “Count me in!” button. In time (a few weeks or a few days depending on when you register) you will receive a “Welcome to the course” e-mail stating you are ready to begin the course, like the one below.


Welcome e-mail



If you do not receive that e-mail, and believe you should have, please contact us at with the name of the course in the subject line. Please note that registration closes two weeks after each course begins.


Accessing Udemy


Esri MOOCs use two different platforms:

  •  Udemy - The company Udemy hosts a learning management platform called Udemy. You will access course content (videos, quizzes, exercise instructions, etc.) on Udemy. 
  • ArcGIS Online - This Esri software platform provides online mapping tools and licenses for other software used in the exercises



We ask you to log in to Udemy (find the URL in your welcome e-mail) using an Esri account, or to create an Esri account if you do not have one.


You will see this:


Sign in dialog box



You may think: “Hmm. Do I have an Esri account? What is my user name? I do not remember!” You can choose “Forgot username?” to find out!


Forgot button

You will be asked to type in your e-mail address in a dialog box. 


Forgot username arrow


You receive an e-mail that looks something like this:




Making Sense of the Response E-mail


What's an Esri Public Account? What's an Organizational Account? What does all that mean and how does it help you determine if you have an Esri account associated with your e-mail address?


Here’s an explanation of the response e-mail.


(1) An Esri Public Account is an Esri account. You can use it log in to Udemy. If you are not sure of your password, try using the username in the “Forgot password?” option to reset it.




What if there is no entry for an Esri public account? That means that you do not have a public account, that is, an Esri account, associated with the e-mail address you submitted in “Forgot username.” You can try another e-mail address, if you think it might be connected to an Esri public account. Or, you can choose Create an Account to create a new account. When you do, jot down the username and password; we’ll ask that you document it more formally in Section 1 Exercise 1 of each course. You will want to use the same Esri account to access the course each time. If you have more than one Esri account, choose just one to use for the duration of the course.




(2) (3) An Esri organizational account is an ArcGIS Online account used with a specific organization. In our MOOCs, each course has an organization. The student ArcGIS Online account usernames are tied to the name of the organization and the course. You might have deciphered that “_locadv” relates to a username within an organization for The Location Advantage course and “_analyze” relates to an organization for Going Places with Spatial Analysis course.


How will you learn the password for your ArcGIS Online account? You will learn how to access your ArcGIS Online account in Section 1 Exercise 1 of each course. If you have not registered for the course, there will be no ArcGIS Online account created for you.


Warning: If you try to be clever and use “Forgot password” it will not work and you will get an e-mail back telling you that you have not yet set up your security question and to contact your Organization Admin. And, then you will e-mail (that’s the administrator e-mail for all of our courses) and the friendly Esri staffers will respond that you will learn how to access the account in Section 1 Exercise 1 of the course. So, please don’t waste any time on that! Start the course and complete Section 1 Exercise 1!


Esri Access: Disabled?


 What about this? It says my accounts are disabled?




It says that Esri Access is disabled. That does not mean your ArcGIS Online account is disabled. Your ArcGIS Online account will work fine. If you are involved with Esri software as an ArcGIS Online administrator and want to learn about Esri Access, please read the documentation. Otherwise, simply know that your account is working!


What about this?



While the text refers to Esri access, this error lets you know that you have used your ArcGIS Online username and password (_locadv, _analyze, etc.) when you should be using their Esri username and password.


So, how do you get back to a log in screen to key in the correct credentials? Here’s how!


(1) Click on Create an Account link. (Don’t worry you are not creating a new account)

(2) On the page that comes up, click Sign In (upper left)

(3) You should get a clean Sign In screen where you can key in your Esri credentials.

(4) If that does not work, please close the tab, clear your browser cache, and return to the website of interest and start again using the correct (Esri) username and password!


Please Document


Once you have determined your Esri and ArcGIS Online credentials, you will document them. We provide a table in Section 1 Exercise 1 of each course to fill out, and print or save to your computer, for reference. Documenting your credentials will prevent frustration in the later weeks of the course!