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In the Summer of 2016, I (David DiBiase, Esri and Penn State) asked Robert Cheetham (CEO, Azavea) and Michael Lippmann (Co-Founder, Blue Raster) to draw a "conceptual map of the web GIS technology ecosystem." This is what they drew in a 90-minute online whiteboarding session on August 3, 2016.  My goal was to create a representation to prompt conversations among educators and students who seek to understand the technological scope of “web GIS” from a developer’s perspective. The map is purposely unfinished. It depicts data products and services, organizations, technologies and products, and languages that Robert and Mike felt were essential elements of the ecosystem when they built the map. Elements are purposely not scaled in proportion to their importance or frequency of use. Nor are functional relationships among elements shown. Our aim is that educators and students will edit the map themselves to help achieve their educational objectives. 

Others contributors and advisors included John Gravios (Esri), Jon Nordling (Blue Raster), Rob Roth and Ian Muehlenhaus (University of Wisconsin)