Integrating the ArcGIS JavaScript API with a Web Application Framework

Document created by zkaarvik on Jan 13, 2017
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There are many challenges faced when attempting to use the ArcGIS API inside of another web framework. You have to load the API components using AMD-style require statements when your framework has an entirely different way of loading dependencies. You might require the use of some dijit widgets like the legend, the search utility, or the popup; but how can you use these components when using a framework that already handles rendering the DOM? Maybe you have to follow particular style guidelines and the dijit widgets don’t conform to them. How can you keep their functionality while changing the way they are presented in your UI entirely?


We would like to share what we have done to overcome the challenges faced when developing a map based application using a web framework (specifically SAPUI5) and attempting to use the ArcGIS API inside of it. While we will demonstrate our experience integrating the ArcGIS API into a SAPUI5 application, the same concepts can be applied to any other web framework as well.

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